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I Obtained a Stepmother. I Obtained a Little Brother. It Appears That Little Brother Is Not Father’s Child, but a Scum King’s Child, However, Don’t Mind It Please ( ´_ゝ`)

Stepmother Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Daughter of the Baron


By the way, this imitation of this Daughter of the Baron was not done in a day.

It was extremely annoying when the Daughter of the Baron clung onto Ellen but since Will and Ellen were pacifists, they dealt with her by running from place to place.

Since Ellen and Will kept running away, the Daughter of the Baron took out her frustrations on the servants of the Theodoare household.

Infuriated by this, Ellen finally repulsed the Daughter of the Baron.

But just repulsing her was not enough to sate Ellen, so the annoyed Ellen performed a comical imitation of the Daughter of the Baron in front of her servants, turning anger into laughter.

Upon seeing Ellen’s imitation of the Daughter of the Baron, even the head maid who always looked angry, Saya, was holding back her laughter as her lips trembled slightly.

For Ellen, all servants of the Theodoare household are family. She wants her family to laugh. That is why, even among several of her 『Noble-like Ellen』 imitations, due to Ellen imitating the Daughter of the Baron many times to make the servants laugh, her 『Daughter of the Baron-like Ellen』 was fairly well done.

However, there is a reason why she chose 『Daughter of the Baron-like Ellen』 among her 『Noble-like Ellen』 imitations to interact with Ricardo today.

The Daughter of the Baron who took out her frustrations on Ellen’s precious family had acquired Ellen’s 『No. 1 Person I don’t want meet ever again』 award.

Upon seeing Ricardo’s refreshing smile when he arrived at Yuri’s tea party, Ellen thought,

『This guy is a kinda dangerous guy ( ´_ゝ`) 』

Also, Ellen’s brain and mouth did not synchronize this time.


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Stepmother Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Who are you?


「How do you do, your Highness Ricardo? I am Ellen, the eldest daughter of the Earl Theodoare. It is an honor to meet you. 」

Towards Ricardo who made an appearance at the tea party, Ellen pinched the hem of her dress and did a curtsy while gigging and smiling sweetly, then twist and turned while seemingly embarrassed.

『Who are you!!?』

The feelings of everyone, apart from Ricardo and his maids, were in unison.

The palace guards and Yuri’s maids that the Queen instructed were only supposed to watch over Yuri from a distance but having felt that Yuri’s state was abnormal, they gradually drew closer and strained their ears so they heard Yuri and Ellen’s exchange halfway through.

Because of Ellen’s excessive barrage, Yuri’s maids became worried for Yuri, they violated the original order for them to not act, and went so far as to ask Ricardo for his help.

「My. This is our first time meeting. Ellen-jou. I am the First Prince, Ricardo. It is I who should say that it is an honor to meet you. Your dress is lovely. For a moment there, I thought a forest sprite had appeared. 」

Ricardo said so with a refreshing smile, kneeled in front of Ellen, took her hand, and kissed the back of it.

Through Ricardo, the 『Dress for assimilating with the garden』 evolved into a『Dress of a forest sprite』.

「Oh, my. For you to praise me like that. Ufufu. I am becoming embarrassed. 」

In an embarrassed manner, Ellen laughed with an “Ufufu”, held the hand Ricardo didn’t hold onto her cheek, and squirmed her body.

『Seriously, who are you!!!?!』

Once again, the feelings of Yuri, his maids, and the palace guards were in unison.

Since Ellen didn’t understand what it means to be 『Noble-like』 very much, her 『Noble-like Ellen』 is what she’s mimicked from observing nobles up until now.

Incidentally, the one Ellen is mimicking right now is a pigheaded relative from a while back. She was the Daughter of a Baron from somewhere, sent in aiming to be Will’s second wife.

Since Will still loves his first wife who’s passed away, he had no intention of having a second wife, so the futile efforts  of the Daughter of the Baron eventually ended, yet with the aim to appeal as a person who likes children, she clung to Ellen excessively as she tried buttering up and cajoling her, which Ellen found extremely annoying.

However, the Daughter of the Baron is now useful as a reference for the 『Noble-like Ellen』.

You never know what will be useful in life.

Therefore, the answer to the 『Who are you!?』 question is 『Ellen’s imitation of the hard struggles of the Daughter of the Baron from somewhere who came to the Earl’s house and feigned friendliness excessively in order to become second wife.』.


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Stepmother Chapter 43

Chapter 43 The Scheming Brother


If Yuri was an ambitious little brother aiming for the throne, then Ricardo was glad to make preparations behind the scenes to somehow yield the throne to Yuri.

However, Yuri is not an ambitious, and though he may be a bit complicated right now, he is fundamentally kind, timid and upfront unlike the two-faced Ricardo.

His timidness might have been taken after their father.

It disgusted him to think of Yuri becoming like that father of theirs.

If he can’t break away no matter how many times he tries, and if he gets too complicated, Yuri would become similar to their father, and since that would definitely be troublesome, so Ricardo thought that if there was anything he could do, he would do his best to helm him.

Having seen his mother’s hardships, Ricardo’s evaluation of his father was low.

His two younger sisters resemble their mother, the Queen, and since they were wise by nature, they would succeed in their political marriages.

However, Yuri would be of no use in politics or as a close aid with how he is right now.

Yuri believes that Ricardo is a flawless and kind older brother but Ricardo is quite the schemer.

While Ricardo was thinking that,

「As there is still some time before fencing training, I can not decline Yuri and the young lady’s request, now can I? Where is Yuri right now?」

With a refreshing smile, Ricardo asked his maid.

His maid answered that Yuri and the young lady were having a tea party at the southern garden.

「I see. That’s perfect. The southern garden is on the way to the training field, therefore I will make an appearance at the tea party.」

After the smiling Ricardo told his maid that, she immediately relayed the information to the Yuri’s maid.

Yuri’s maid did nothing but jump up and down in delight.

Finding that situation suspicious, Ricardo asked Yuri’s maid if there was something going on.

Although the maid hesitated, she said that since Yuri looked troubled, she wanted to ask Ricardo to help him.

The maid who heard that Yuri was troubled did not say in detail whether the young lady was concerned.

「Fumu, In any case, could you tell Yuri that I’ll be showing up at the tea party?」

Since the maid who was put on the spot was pitiful, Ricardo said that to Yuri’s maid with a smile, she then bowed to Ricardo before leaving with a spring in her step.

In the end, he couldn’t figure out what was troubling Yuri but it might be that the girl was using Yuri as a stepping stone to get closer to Ricardo, is what Ricardo thought.

Since Ricardo still doesn’t have a fiancée, there were plenty of young ladies that were aiming for him.

Ricardo who’s seen the Queen’s hardships had no idea why young ladies want to marry him to become the queen.

『Well, I’ll deal with it appropriately. 』

Ricardo thought so, imagining Yuri troubled as he gets involved with a carnivorous young lady while leaving his room to prepare to head to the training field.


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Translator’s Note:

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Stepmother Chapter 42

Chapter 42 The First Prince


Meanwhile, having finished his history lesson earlier than planned, Ricardo, who was resting in his room until his next class which was fencing practice, heard from his maid that Yuri and the Queen’s honorable friend’s daughter wanted to ask Ricardo something but said that they couldn’t meet. With a refreshing smile, he then said to his maid,

「Hee. It’s rare for Yuri to want to meet me. 」

Ricardo was aware that Yuri has been quite complicated recently, shutting out their family from his heart and was cooped up in his room, but since Ricardo had also suffered as a child, having a hard time with the heavy responsibilities as the crown prince, he thought that this was not something he could break out of by being told something by someone else so, it might seem cold but he decided to just watch over him.

Ricardo thought that Yuri was jealous of him, but Ricardo was quite jealous of Yuri.

Being the second prince was more easygoing compared to being the first prince.

It was enviable how the second prince has power but none of the responsibilities.

There was almost nothing good about being the first prince.

He obviously had to be good at his studies and fencing, and since he would surely have a political marriage in the future, he wouldn’t be able to marry the woman he loves.

He would have to meet and smile while investigating the real intentions of foreign countries and scheming nobles, and he has an entourage but there are only so few friends he could trust.

It had been decided that in the future, he would be crowned as the king, but looking at his father, he didn’t want to become to become the king at all.

Nevertheless, being well aware of his mother, the Queen’s hardships, Ricardo resolved himself to become a splendid First Prince, as well as become a worthy King to help his mother.

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Stepmother Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Noble-like

「Then until your brother comes, it’s fine to wait here right? ( ´ゝ`)
Really. Despite being on break, for him to come here especially, Yuri’s older brother sure is kind. ( ´ゝ`)
Ah. Yuri, I asked a while ago but is it alright if I take home the remaining sweets? ( ´ゝ`) ?
It can be after your brother leaves though ( ´ゝ`)」

As one would expect, Ellen’s stomach was at its limits, and Yuri didn’t seem to want to eat since he was just frozen there, and his older brother, Ricardo who is apparently about to have fencing practice so he probably wouldn’t eat sweets either.

And then after Ricardo resolves Ellen’s question, she would play hide and seek with Yuri.

In other words, everything on this table right now would probably be left over.

Ellen said that she did her best at eating mainly the perishables but she still couldn’t eat all of it so she planned on bringing the ones that wouldn’t last long to their attendants waiting in the guest room while the ones that would last would be brought back with her to the Theodoare fief.

「I, I don’t mind but, E, Ellen, Ricardo-aniue is the first prince and become the king one day, and unlike me, he’s excellent at fencing and is strong, a, at any rate, he’s an amazing person.
That is why talking to Ricardo-aniue like you do with me is……」

For Ricardo and Ellen’s sakes, Yuri thought that it might be bad if Ellen behaved the way she does with him to Ricardo.

is what Yuri wanted to say.

「Ah. It’s fine, it’s fine ( ´ゝ`)
When oniisan comes, I plan on being the 『Noble-like Ellen』 ( ´ゝ`)」

Ellen had permission from her father to act as she was with Yuri, but since she didn’t have permission to act like that with his Ricardo-aniue. she planned on acting as the 『Noble-like Ellen』 with everyone but Yuri.

「N, noble-like?」

Yuri was once again confused but Ellen just said not to worry while waving her right hand around.


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Translator’s Note:

Thanks for reading! As some of you might have noticed, people’s suffixes keep changing, mainly Ricardo right now.  The raws keep switching back and forth and I understand that sometimes it’s in one character’s POV to another but sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. I’ll try to keep them as minimal as possible though. Alrighty~ On to the next chapter!

Stepmother Chapter 40

Chapter 40 : Maids Are Attentive


「Eh!? I, I……」

Many people around Yuri had would arbitrarily say things like a prince should do this or he should try to be worthy of a prince

Yuri was constantly being told various things to manipulate him and there was almost no one who would hear what he had to say.

That was why he was perplexed when Ellen asked him for his opinion.


While Yuri’s mind went around in circles, Ellen patiently waited for his reply.

Given that Ellen’s maturing relationships were deepening, Ellen seemed to be experienced in that regard.

「U, umm, this might be impertinent of me but…」

Unable to keep watching Yuri look troubled, the maid who informed them of Ricardo’s schedule spoke up.

The maids who heard Yuri and Ellen’s conversation wanted to help Yuri so for his sake,

「It seems another maid went to the maid who attends His Highness Ricardo about how she heard that Your Highness Yuri and the Queen’s honorable friend’s daughter appear to want ask His Highness Ricardo but, in one way or another, couldn’t.
The maid who attends to His Highness Ricardo immediately checked with His Highness Ricardo.
His Highness Ricardo said that since the garden where your tea party is being held is on the way from his room to the fencing training grounds, he would take the opportunity to make an appearance at the tea party.」

「Really (°▽°) As expected, the maids of the Royal Palace sure are attentive. ( ´_ゝ`)」」

Ellen was in admiration as she said “good, good” And in spite of being confused, Yuri was relieved that Ricardo would listen to his request.

Immediately after his relief, was worry.

Until just a while ago he had no confidence in being Ellen’s opponent and thought of asking Ricardo for reinforcement but having received Ellen’s mental attacks, he was worried about what he should do if Ricardo also receives Ellen’s mental attacks just like he did.

Also, Ricardo is a gentle brother but Yuri was worried about what he would do in the unlikely event that Ellen makes a bombshell remark for Ricardo and he gets angry.


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Stepmother Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Values

Unless Yuri is very close with someone, he doesn’t call them by their given name, but he felt that among the various issues that have sprung forth, the issue of calling her by her given name was trivial.

Yuri was confused repeatedly.

「I, it doesn’t matter…」

With all the confusion, Yuri barely managed to say so.

「Ah, is that so ( ´ゝ`)
Then Yuri, Ellen thinks that rather than give up without having done anything, it would be better to try first but what does Yuri think? ( ´ゝ`)?」

Ellen dislikes people imposing their values onto her and being forced into something.

That is why, as much as she could, she tries not to impose her values nor force someone into something.

What she doesn’t want others to do unto her, she doesn’t do unto others.

Ellen lacks common sense in various ways but her ideal behavior is fairly straightforward.

She thought that if Yuri really didn’t want to go to where Ricardo is, then she would give up going to Ricardo’s room and just play hide-and-seek.


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Stepmother Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Certificate


It is unknown just how many times Yuri was confused today.

「Ah ( ´) Crap ( ´_ゝ)
I used the sword of truth on him again ( ´
Ah. Is this 『Irreverence』 or something like that again? ( ´_ゝ
But you know, 『Irreverence』 is under the assumption that 『Royalty is important』 right?
But since you can’t explain the reason why『Royalty is important』 ( ´_ゝ)
Until we can verify that 『Royalty is important』, can't we put Ellen's statement that were 『Irreverent』 on hold? ( ´_ゝ

Ellen quibbled at the confused Yuri.

Her quibbling comes from Saya who is strict about everything.

「Ellen-sama’s quibbling is peerless!!」

Enough to get a certificate.

The real name of Saya’s 『Certificate』 is 『Sarcasm』, but Ellen didn’t know that.

「By the way, I’ve been calling you you[1] since a while ago but is it alright if I call you by your name soon? ( ´_ゝ`) ?
Ah. You can call Ellen by my name too. 」

Unaware, Ellen unleashed her special move, 『Issue Shift』.

Since Ellen planned to play hide-and-seek with Yuri later, she just thought that always saying『You』 was inconvenient and it had no noteworthy, deeper meaning.

⟵-(•ˇ‿ˇ•)〉 | ᕙ(⇀‸↼)ᕗ | 〈(•ˇ‿ˇ•)-⟶


  1. The “you” mentioned here uses the kanji for 君 ・ Kimi. There are many ways to say you in Japanese. Varying on the level of politeness. This one is informal to subordinates; can also be affectionate; formerly very polite. Sometimes rude or assuming when used with superiors, elders or strangers.[↩]

Translator’s Note:

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Stepmother Chapter 37

Chapter 37: By Chance


「…Ricardo-aniue and I haven’t exactly been talking very much lately. He might turn us away with a displeased look if I went…」

Given that Yuri is one-sidedly being subservient towards Ricardo, he hasn’t taken on a good attitude towards Ricardo.

Yuri was worried that though Ricardo doesn’t mind his attitude, even he might look displeased if Yuri were to disturb him while he’s resting.

「Well, probably anyone would dislike being disturbed when they’re resting but if it’s no good then we can still play hide and seek in the garden. ( ´_ゝ`)」

Ellen thought that if Ricardo can’t then she would see if she could ask Diana Obasama at an odd moment.

But…… seeing Yuri start to mutter, Ellen thought,

「What a hesitatingly bothersome guy ( ´_ゝ`)」

As previously mentioned, Ellen’s mind and mouth would occasionally synchronize.

That 「Occasionally」 happened twice today.

⟵-(•ˇ‿ˇ•)〉 | ᕙ(⇀‸↼)ᕗ〈(•ˇ‿ˇ•)-⟶

Translator’s Rant:

Thanks for reading. Just 3 chapters, couldn’t do more, sorry. Curiosity killed the motivation cat. I found out that my translations were being posted on some aggregator sites (that isn’t new and can’t be helped) but then one of those sites actually sort of gives credit to the translator and links back to them…BUT it was the wrong translator (or more precisely the old translator). So motivation and time are not on my side. See ya next time~ Gonna sleep for now @_@

Stepmother Chapter 36

Chapter 36: The Deep Dark Green Dress


「If it’s your older brother, he would be able to answer, right?
But he doesn’t have free time ( ´_ゝ)
What is your brother doing right now? ( ´_ゝ

Yuri thinks that Ricardo is probably in the royal palace but because he didn’t know where he currently is, he called over one of the maids waiting at their surrounding and asked if she knew where Ricardo is right now.

「I believe that he has just come back from his history lessons and is currently resting in his room until it is time for his fencing lessons. 」

The maid had an accurate understanding of where and what goes on in the palace.

The Queen’s training for the staff in the palace is flawless.

「On a break, huh ( ´)
Intruding on someone taking a break is probably wrong ( ´_ゝ
But I’m leaving the capital tomorrow ( ´
Why don’t we go to his room first, then ask if it’s alright?」

Ellen can’t read the atmosphere but she’s a considerate child.

Or rather, Ellen who thought, since my stomach is reaching its limit soon, let’s take a walk at the same time as going to his brother’s room to ask, said so while patting her stomach.

Additionally, since Ellen’s clothes are fundamentally focused on ease to movement, it’s a simple, deep dark green dress that is loose around the her stomach.

As for why a deep dark green dress, since Ellen had the intention of playing hide and seek in the garden after the tea party, to gain an advantage when hiding, she wore a deep dark green dress so she could assimilate with the garden.

Because Ellen thought that if she didn’t resolve her question fast, she would lose all her time to play hide and seek in the garden, so even though it was wrong, she planned to go to the room Ricardo is resting in first to check, if they can’t then she would play hide and seek with Yuri in the garden.


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