Stepmother Chapter 57


TLN: Click on the CREAM PUFFS or else your brain cells will die. (Hint: 2nd pic)


Chapter 57: Very

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Ellen said she likes the cream of the corners of her mouth and ate for a long time – rose.

They are On-san, I do not know what’s so funny, but the cream is “rotten”. The cream used is “fragile”. (‘_ `リ) キ ゝ [1]

They do not have a long face with a serious face.

Sorry, yes, the board is wrong, you can not.
For some reason, my great [2] sand color! Sorry, can I ask you not to tell me that Bush is “extinct”? My WTO, the stomach, the border, the leaves!

Ricardo closed her mouth and smiled as he spoke.

Debug There is no problem, no problem. (‘_` ゝ) (

He apologized less than Ricardo and apologized and drank black tea.

“Against what I do not want? You do not seem to be a normal party … Normally

“Yes, Yuri, you really do not understand everything I say, but tell me, I do not say it’s real.”

Mom, he said.

Well, I usually do not have such a good smile, my stomach really is at its borders, or my mind is completely covered.

When Ricardo began to laugh again and again, he regretted that he was one of the couples who asked Sir Arthur to tell him that he was doing a great job and could find he complained, but could not go to the education sector. . .

“Suddenly I will not go to school.

Therefore, his brother’s plans were eliminated.

“Show, this is important to everyone.”

First, he could not participate in Rickard Knight’s training, so he could not go with the Headquarters, but he would consider other knights, and not just Ricardo. That’s why it’s not a tumult, he said to the richest.

“Also, when I sign up, I am a lover of all, I am there and I think they are more calm.”

Ricardo told me to protect his bad words.

! Oh, oh!

“Ricardo’s perfect brotherhood” Yuri, built many years ago, sounded and began to break with large pieces.


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