Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 70


So, as you all may have noticed, I haven’t been as active recently. I wasn’t expecting it to last this long but…well… more stuff have come up. Relatives in another country decided to surprise me with a visit, so I now have to attend to that too. And they’re staying for at least a week so I won’t have time (don’t get me wrong, I like my relatives). Sorry about this >w<'  Anyways, I noticed that there were a LOT of people who did not read the instructions and just clicked the link last chapter. I suggest those people go back and read it again because the fake chapter has a lot of edited lines that are not at all accurate or has a bunch of lines missing. Instructions are not even complicated. Oh well, new chapter! Enjoy!

Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 63


So, it’s a new chapter again~ I’m trying out something different. It shouldn’t be obvious, because if it was, then I did a bad job of it. We’ll see how it goes. Buuut yeah, I wasn’t late QuQ It’s that time of the year where people get sick a lot again, so everyone take care.. and please do so even if it isn’t.. basically just take care of yourselves~ lol Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new chapter~

Thank you very much to D.G.-san for another generous donation on Ko-Fi! I really appreciate it. Also, I realize I don’t thank the patrons H.J.L-san, S.F.-san, D.G.-san, C.N.-san, G.M.-san, T-san, L-san, B.K-san, C.M-san, M.P-san, D.13.-san as often as I should, but please know I am very thankful to all of you.

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