Stepmother Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Perishables

「!!??!? Ellen!? Talking to Aniue in such a rude way is BAD!! Aniue, Aniue, Ellen doesn’t mean any ill will!」

Yuri seemingly unable to take in the current situation, was trying to cover up for Ellen though he is once again confuzzled .

「No, Yuri, it is fine. I think we should truly speak unreservedly today. It would become very tiring if we continue feigning friendliness with each other. 」

Ricardo grinned and said.

Comprehensively concluding from Yuri’s long winded introduction and Ellen and the servants behaviors, Ricardo had judged that Ellen was feigning friendliness just like he was, and was satisfied that his judgement is correct.

Hearing that voice, Ellen, who was lying flat on the table, twitched like a cat, suddenly raised her head, and saw Ricardo.

「Oh, oh ( ´ゝ)
If you had come with that attitude from the start, I wouldn’t have had to waste my energy so futilely. ( ´ゝ)
I get fishy feeling from you. ( ´ゝ)
Maaan, ahhh, I’m tired. Ah. Yuri, I’ve got more space in my belly now so I’ll be eating the remaining perishables, okay ( ´

Ellen took a cream puff from the remaining perishables, took a bite, and chewed on it.



Yuri was in confusion, and Ricardo did another spit-take while slightly trembling as he crouched over, holding his stomach.

「!? A, Aniue, are you alright!!?」

Yuri worried over Ricardo who was holding his stomach as he trembled slightly.

「P, perishables, Bufu! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!」

Ricardo held his stomach and roared in laughter.

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6 thoughts on “Stepmother Chapter 55”

  1. Finally she got over Ricardo’s defenses. This took sooooo long, damn long winded noblesy talks. At least we finally have someone laughing, and Ellen got to the ‘perishables’. Now, where is the closest pastry shop?
    Thank you for the chapters!

  2. More i want more haha but damn the battle end in quite disappointing manner for me i rather want her to explode from that fake noble-girl character

  3. Haha Ricardo just thought she was “eccentric” didn’t realize he was about to meet the “Goddess of Strange” Still though looks like he’s going to get along well with her.


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