Stepmother Chapter 56

Translator’s Note: Hi~ I’m back to translating, however, updates on stepmother will be RANDOM and just like how I do it on my other project, I will add a small bot test at times. Also, thank you to C.N.-san for his generosity on patreon.


Click on the Apple Pie or your brain calls will die. (Hint: 2nd pic)

Chapter 56 Bullseye

Although Riccardo is up, Yuri is very confused and Allen uses a lot of energy to his daughter Alan Baron, but leaves one fresh meal. ,

You do not know if you will hit Bansy.

When Allen cleaned off the food, the record threatened Allen’s “collapse” food, laughed at her and licked her stomach.

“P, fresh food, said, there is fresh food with acne acne, they say, buff, I’m not, Ahahahaheh! P, fresh food!”
“Oh, Anti? A, are you okay?”

The kind that never saw the brother.

His siblings were always smiling, elegant, strong, intelligent and calm. Yes, that’s it.

Who will groan before him?

“Huh, hey, no, she’ll feel smashed, I’m there, she’s … sick, haha.

After a smile, Riccardo smiled and tearfully.

The “Ahah”‘s smile is “Brahrigan”, an honest smile.

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  1. Um, the translation is very bad. Does this have anything to do with your hint? If yes, which one is the 2nd pic? It’s not the ads, is it?

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