Stepmother Chapter 54

Chapter 54: White flag of Surrender

「!!? A, Aniue, even someone like Ellen would not think something that rude about your smile!!」

Yuri stuck up for Ellen without a moment’s delay, yet the face of Ellen, the person in question, was like that of a pigeon about to get shot by a peashooter, well, her eyes bulged.

『Oh crap ( ´_ゝ)
I was found out!! ( ´_ゝ
) !!』

As I thought, this Ricardo-aniue is definitely not an ordinary person.

『Now then, what should I do ( ´_ゝ`)』

In this situation, does she face him by forcefully pretending not to understand as the daughter of the baron, or should she obediently confess. That is the question.

「Yuri, this isn’t particularly rude. Because it is the truth, after all. Listen. Ellen-jou? I do believe that your 『Ufufu』 and my smile are in the same category though. What say you?」

Ricardo smiled with a 『Broad Grin』 differing from his smiles until now and said so.

「Oh, what ( ´_ゝ)
I was figured out, huh ( ´_ゝ
Then you should have said so sooner ( ´ゝ)
I used my energy so needlessly. ( ´_ゝ

Ellen sighed and raised her voice as she spread out her arms and fell flat on the table.

Ellen raised the white flag of surrender.

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Note: Ellen’s lines are cut off the way they are because of the formatting changes that “`” does when there are in the same line. Apologies if it looks awkward.

1 thought on “Stepmother Chapter 54”

  1. Finally a break for the young heroine. and no more “ufufu”, it was tiring, for both us and her.
    Her answers should be good, but it took so many chapters, it’s a bit cold now(really, it’s winter here). How can she play hide-and-seek now?
    Thanks for the chapter!


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