Stepmother Chapter 53

Chapter 53: The Counterattack Signal

Ricardo was a little surprised.

Towards Yuri, he was feeling slightly irritated as he thought 『Dragging it out like this, just what does this guy want to say?』 when the question 『Why is Royalty so important』 was asked.

『This question could certainly be taken as lèse-majesté. It would seem that the mastermind of this question is Ellen-jou. Just as Yuri says, Ellen-jou is still very young, and she’s the daughter of Earl Theodoare whom Mother has a friendship with. It would be best not to aggravate this situation excessively. Moreover…… how interesting. 』

「That certainly could be taken as lèse-majesté, could it not. However…… it is quite a profound question. 」

The nervous Yuri who was being watched intently by a scowling Ricardo, was spoken those words by a smiling Ricardo, had felt slightly relieved, the tension in his shoulders loosening.

It is unlikely that Ellen would be punished.

Anuie is kind after all.

Fumu. What a timely opportunity. Yuri, I think it would be good for us to have a proper discussion. Just as an older brother and younger brother to each other. Let us drop all formalities for today. 」

With his smile like that, Ricardo called out to the servants and palace guards, telling them to distance themselves a bit.

The servants and palace guards were worried, but in accordance to Ricardo’s orders, they held back and distanced themselves a little bit.

「Alright. With this, let us talk unreservedly. First of all, Ellen-jou. Before I answer your question, there is something I wish to ask. 」

Ricardo began talking to Ellen with a spectacular smile.

Ufufu. What is it? Your highness Ricardo?」

Kunekune. Kunekune. Kunekune.

『Wriggling is too darn tiresome…………( ´_ゝ`)疲』

「Is my smile shady, I wonder?」

Ricardo had fired the counterattack signal.

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  1. Lèse-majesté – changing this from irreverence because it’s more particular to monarchs. I’ve thought about this since a while back but wasn’t so sure if I should lol. Sorry for being indecisive soz
  2. Kunekune – is the onomatopoeia for the wriggling action that Ellen does. I really have no better words for wriggling since it’s techinically correct… but still seems wrong to me.
  3. ( ´_ゝ`)疲 – just means her usual expression + she’s tired. writing “( ´_ゝ`) tired” looks weird since it’s supposed to be a kaomoji.

Translator’s Note:

Shots fired! I repeat, shots fired! Commander Ellen, what do we do?! …yeah. I don’t really put a translator’s note in the middle of a batch upload but.. I just couldn’t resist. lol … yeah. ahem. Don’t mind me. Thanks for reading. On to the next chapter to see how our dear commander will react! (please do note that I wrote this as soon as I finished the chapter, thus, I have not read / tled the next chapter, so my reaction is genuine nor can I spoil anything. =w=”).

1 thought on “Stepmother Chapter 53”

  1. Better than expected reaction. Finally less pompous stuff, more direct talking. Plus points for the older prince.
    Thanks for the chapter!


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