Stepmother Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Fun Child

With the collapse of the 『Perfect Ricardo』 image he had, Yuri froze.

Ricardo waved his hand in front of Yuri’s face, but there was no response from Yuri.

「Yuri, Yuri? Aaah, this is no good. It seems he’s gone completely blank. Could it be that there were too many things that happened? Well, it can’t be helped. Since we have time, let us wait a little. Now then Ellen-jou, I will answer your question after Yuri comes back, so until then, let us talk for a bit?」

Ricardo grinned widely.

「Eeeeh ( ´ゝ’). I plan to go hide and seek with Yuri after this though ( ´ゝ’)」

Ellen said that she had no time, got off her chair, went to Yuri and said

「Yuriii, wake up, the faster we ask the question, the faster we get to go hide and seek ( ´ゝ’) Yuriii( ´ゝ’)」

She shook Yuri, but there was still no response.

「It’s no good ( ´_ゝ’)」

「Hey. I told you, didn’t i? Give up and let’s talk. 」

Ellen took a small glance at the smiling Ricardo, sighed with a huff, and returned to her seat.

「Oh? Do you not want to talk to me that much? You didn’t feign friendliness with Yuri from the start?」

Instead of getting mad at Ellen, Ricardo giggled as he talked.

「I’ve been like this with Yuri from the start」( ´ゝ’). Otousama said that it was okay for me to act as I am to Yuri, and Yuri was being himself too. ( ´ゝ’). Oniisan looked shady when I first saw you. ( ´ゝ’). Oniisan wasn’t behaving as the real you at the start, right? That’s why Ellen didn’t act like herself either. ( ´ゝ’)」

It’s got to be mutual, right? Ellen said as she climbed up her chair.

「Bu!! This is getting more and more interesting! Really~ I want you and Leo-kun to meet~」

「Ellen isn’t all that interesting, you know ( ´_ゝ’)

「Leonardo, My friend. Both of you have black hair and eyes. Both of you said that my smile was suspicious. Leo somehow judged that my smile was suspicious, I wonder if it’s the same for you?」

Ellen titled her head slightly, thinking, and

「That’s right~ ( ´ゝ’). I somehow could in just a glance ( ´ゝ’). I dislike talking to shady people. ( ´ゝ’). I don’t know what they’re thinking. ( ´ゝ’). But feigning friendliness is honestly tiring, and I was busted, and Oniisan stopped feigning friendliness too, didn’t you? That’s why Ellen stopped too. ( ´_ゝ’)」

she said.

If the other person is being himself, then she would also be herself.

If the other person isn’t being himself, then she would not be herself either.

That is what Ellen said sincerely.

Fufu. You are funny. No, rather than funny, you are a fun child. Whenever Mother talks to the Earl Theodoare, she always made it look fun. Such instances were truly unusual.
Now, I kind of understand how Mother feels. 」

Ellen who believes she has not said anything amusing doesn’t quite like that she was called “amusing”, but “fun child” was not something she disliked.

Since it seemed like Will was complimented too, she thought that Ricardo might actually be a good guy.

『If that’s what you really wanted to say, then having a comrade in the hide and seek later wouldn’t be so bad. ( ´_ゝ’)』

Ellen opened up to Ricardo a little bit.

Additionally, Ricardo hasn’t said a single word about wanting to join the hide and seek.

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9 thoughts on “Stepmother Chapter 58”

  1. Oh yeah, there was a session of hide and seek that was supposed to happen. I guess it will take several more chapters 😀
    May God bless you, take care, and have a great day!

  2. Can someone tell me how to get into this chapter using NU links? It directed me to fake ones and told me to click the 2nd pic, but I couldn’t understand it.. Got here using TOC.

    • But anyway, rather than taking down Yuri’s wall, it’s more like, she’s taking down the wall around Ricardo (in front of her) and destroying Yuri’s world in the passing. lol

      • Pretty much. Hey the royal family was warned. Using Ellen is like using a bomb of unknown composition. It may cause a little blast… or it may bring down an entire castle. Though with Ellen it’s more likely to be the latter than the former.


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