Stepmother Chapter 52

Chapter 52: A Splendid Straight ball

「Furthermore! Ellen-j-jou is still very young… she does not understand her words, or perhaps I should say she goes beyond common sense.」

Yuri was frantically choosing his words as he stayed obstinate.

「Yuri, I understand your earnestness, however, what is it that you want to say?
Moreover, saying remarks such as her going beyond common sense is rude to Ellen-jou. 」

Despite having done a spit-take in a tea party for the first time in his life due to the beyond-common-sense 『Apple Pie』 attack just a while ago, Ricardo was being prudent with Yuri.

At first glance, it looked like Ricardo was the one speaking respectably and Yuri speaking discourteously, however, the one speaking uprightly is not Ricardo, but Yuri.

「Umm! Ellen-jou is a bit odd, or rather, she’s incomprehensible but, but she definitely means no ill will!
Shackled by nothing, or rather, she’s left loose[1], or should i say she could detonate at any moment, or perhaps I should say she’s eccentric from the bottom of her heart. W-what I want to say is, should Ellen-jou’s question be a teeny, tiny bit.. no, considerably discourteous, please do not be surprised and find it in your vast heart to forgive her! 」

「Yuri, the one saying rude remarks is you. Don’t you feel sorry for Ellen-jou for saying such things?」

I repeat.

Yuri looks like he’s saying rude things, but Yuri is saying exceedingly respectable things.

The one saying strange things is Ricardo.

「Not at all, Your Highness Ricardo, there is no need to concern yourself with me. Ufufu. His Highness Yuri is an honest person, and he is only being kindhearted. Ufufu.

What Yuri says is the truth, and Ellen understands that Yuri is trying to help her.

When Ellen is troubled by having to entertain noble guests, Saya and the other servants desperately help her.

The current Yuri has the same expression the servants wore at those times.

『Right, right ( ´) Yuri is the hesitantly bothersome type, but he really is a kinda nice guy ( ´_ゝ) Alright ( ´) When we play hide and seek later, Ellen will give it her all as the It! ( ´_ゝ)!キリ』

Ellen has exhausted her strength considerably, but she has yet to give up on playing hide and seek.

The sweets and sandwiches Ellen had eaten earlier which sustained her are now reaching their end.

She had a hunch she could now finish the remaining perishables.

It was extremely regrettable for Ellen that though her use of the Daughter of the Baron was comically effective for making the servants laugh, it was unsuitable for use in front of the Scheming Prince.

「A, apologies! However, upon hearing Ellen’s question for the first time, it was surprising, so surprising that I thought “What the blazes is she saying. How rude.” Yet, I was unable to say anything…」

Yuri was extremely vexed to the extent that he was hanging his head in shame, biting his lips, and was clenching both his fists tightly.

「As I was unable to answer, I thought that if it’s you, Ricardo-aniue, then you might be able to give an answer, so although this will be an annoyance to my busy elder brother, and though this is inexcusable, right now, at this moment, I too wish to know the answer!」

Yuri, once again, properly looked at Ricardo’s eyes as he talked.

Ricardo had no clue whatsoever as to what it was that Yuri wanted to say, but the matter of Ellen being eccentric was, somehow or other, conveyed.

Even Ellen herself could vaguely feel that she is 『Slightly Eccentric』.

I repeat, the Scheming Prince still has a ways to go.

「Um, uhh Aniue, as a prince, I am aware that what I’m saying is odd. But, even so, I would like you to tell me!」

Yuri desperately said.

In a lengthy, loud voice, towards his elder brother Ricardo who hasn’t talked to in a while, so nervous he might have forgotten how to breathe, he spoke,

「Aniue, why is Royalty so important?」

Yuri simply had a long introduction (a windup), then pitched a splendid straight ball.

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  1. Left loose – Free ranged? it kinda implies the way an animal is left to graze freely in a field.[↩]

Translator’s Note:

3 unedited chapters~ The narrator revealed herself, saying “I”?! Lol kidding. It’s just weird being said any other way. The windup part was kinda my idea, not really from the raws but it kinda fits. Baseball, yeah.

SURPRISE. ahem Hello! First of all, sorry for my absence please don’t kill me. I know I’ve been gone for a long while now. A bunch of stuff happened irl, and then my pc broke (twice) and I lost a bunch of raws + WIP chapters that I didn’t backup yet so, amongst other reasons, I just couldn’t will myself to fix my pc and reTL stuff. But I’ve suddenly got some free time right now and at the persuasion of another TLer friend, I decided to try translating again. Being sick sucks, so take care of yourselves, people! And I know it doesn’t really count since I’ve been gone for almost 7 months but WordPress gave me a notif  that I had registered 1 year ago yesterday (30th Nov), but strangely enough my first post was (23rd Nov). lol

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you again soon, I hope.

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