Stepmother Chapter 51

Chapter 51: For Someone’s Sake

「What is the matter, Yuri? For you to suddenly speak out in such a loud voice.」

「A-aniue, before the question is asked, t-there is something I wish to impart!」

Yuri, who rarely speaks out in such a loud voice, was properly looking at Ricardo’s eyes while saying so.

『 It’s been a while since Yuri’s eyes and mine last met. 』

Seeing Yuri different from usual, Ricardo was slightly surprised.

Given that Yuri had distanced himself from everyone including their family, it’s been a while since their eyes met directly and had conversed.

Fumu. I faltered a bit from her apple pie statement, but Yuri is also different from usual. Is this the doing of this eccentric young woman? 』

Ricardo concluded that Ellen is an 『Eccentric』.

Even the Scheming Prince still has a ways to go.

「Yuri, what is it you wish to impart?」

Ricardo smiled to relieve the disturbed attendants while saying so.

「Umm, Ellen is, Ellen-jou is, the daughter of Mother’s friend, the Earl of Theodoare, so, 」

『 I’ve known this since the introductions a while ago, what’s the point of saying it now? Or rather, did he address Ellen-jou without honorifics just now? 』

Contrary to the fairly rude thoughts the older brother was thinking, Yuri was seriously worried for both Ricardo and Ellen.

Even though he received a mental attack like Ricardo had received an apple pie attack from Ellen, Yuri simply wanted to prevent Ellen from being charged of lèse-majesté.

Yuri does not do his best for himself, but if it’s for someone else, he could do his best and become a splendidly fine fellow.

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