Hi there!

My name is Sphyrism. I have been a translator since November 2017, and pretty much a 1-person team. My translations are not 100% accurate but I try my best to keep it as close as it can be to the original.

I’m not tech-savvy so I’m still learning the ropes on site management. If any technical issues occur, it might take me a while to fix it so here’s hoping nothing happens, but if it does, please bear with me.


Questions you might ask:

  • Why don’t you translate faster?

This is currently just a hobby, and a time consuming one at that. Reading is one thing but to translate is another. Unless someone decides to support me, it will probably stay a hobby. I try my best to recheck my translations and edit before releasing since I want my readers to enjoy the novel.

  • Will you be picking up more or dropping any series?

I have 3 novels I’ve worked on so I probably won’t pick up a fourth for now since I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew. As for dropping a series, I will try to complete the novels even if it takes me a while. However, if I lose interest or if there comes a point in a story where I completely disagree with it, that might make me drop it but I’m usually pretty open minded so fingers crossed.

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