Stepmother Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Large Chunks

Ellen, who ate 『Perishables』 for a long time, licked the cream off the corners of her mouth, and said

「Onii-san, I don’t know what was so funny, but cream puffs are 『perishables』. The cream used is 『perishable』. ( ´_ゝ`)キリ [1]

with a serious face because they don’t keep for very long.

Bufuuu!!! A, ahaha, bufu!! Haaah. I-i’m sorry, yes, you aren’t wrong, however, bufu!!
For some reason it just hits my bullseye[2], bufu! I’m sorry, I feel bad but could I please ask you to stop saying bufu “perishables”? My sto, my stomach is at it’s limit, bufu !」

Ricardo was covering his mouth, holding back his laughter as he talked.

「Well, it’s good if you get it. ( ´_ゝ`)」

Since Ricardo more or less apologized, Ellen accepted that apology and drank black tea.

「A, aniue? I-is something the matter? You don’t seem like the usual Aniue……」

「Yeah, Yuri, you really didn’t notice, after all. I’m not saying that the usual me is entirely a lie, however, if I had to say, then this is the real me. 」

Mother knows, he added.

「Well, I don’t normally roar in laughter like this though. Haah, my stomach is kind of really at its limit. Or rather, my mind gave out completely. Haaaa.

Ricardo breathed deeply so as to not start laughing again, called one of the maids that stepped back, and asked her to convey to the Knight Leader that he has important business he must do, and that he finds it regrettable but he could not go to the training field.

「A-aniue, is it alright not to go to training!?」

Yuri was worried that because of them, his brother’s plans had been derailed, and asked.

「Yuri, it’s alright. Opening up to you really is an important matter, after all. 」

In the first place, Ricardo being unable to join the training due to having official business to do happens very often, and given that the training is not just for Ricardo, he just wished to join the knights’ training, so the Knight Leader would accompany him, but he would just look after the other knights in Ricardo’s absence, therefore it was not an inconvenience, Ricardo explained.

「Rather, when I join in, everyone seems to fuss about. I think that, internally, they’re more relieved if I’m not there. 」

Ricardo said so without concealing his evil-looking expression.

「!? A, aniue!?」

The 『Perfect Elder Brother Ricardo』 image that Yuri had built up for many years made a sound, and started to collapse in large chunks.

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  1. i’m not really great with kaomoji translation but i think this means she’s looking at him a bit sharply…? idk[↩]
  2. It’s kinda like hitting/tickling his funny bone. sorry I’m bad with English idioms. and I really should have added this note in the previous chapter lol[↩]
  3. Onomatopoeia explained: Bufu – ice skill in Persona. stifling laughter sound. Haa – sighing sound or a long exhale, depending on how many A’s.


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