Stepmother Chapter 58


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Chapter 58: The son of lawlessness

In the distribution of photographs, Ricardo is a very good person who looks like the Yur.

Ricardo is surprised by Yuri’s face, but Yuri does not answer.

Uri Yuri, Yuri? Yes, that’s fine. It’s a little shit. Have many things happened? We can not help While we have an opportunity, we have to wait for it. And now, Ellen-me, I will answer your question after I return to the lawyer and then come and comment on me.

Ricardo smiles.

Eeeeh (‘_ ゝ’). I was thinking of hiding and looking for Juria then (‘_ ゝ’)

Ellen said she did not have time and left the chair and went to Juri

In Yuri we know that the speed of our application is fast and hidden (‘_ ゝ’) Yuriii (‘_ ゝ’)

He shook Yuri, but he did not answer.

「No OK (‘_ ゝ’)

“Hello. Talk to you, right? Get and comment. 」

Elena saw Ricardo’s smile, which her mother added and returned to her home.

“You do not want to talk to me, do not you reduce Yuri’s contact from the beginning?”

Ricardo laughed at his comments without anger at Helen.

「I have lived in Jüri from the beginning」 (“_ ゝ”). Otousama said it was good for me to work like Yuri and Yuri himself. (‘_ ゝ’). The nature of life is sad when it first found it. (‘_ ゝ’). Is not the disease important? As a result, Ellen did not work well. (‘_ ゝ’)

It must be unique, right? Ellen said, she got up in her chair.

Yes! This is an excellent thing! Surely ~ I want Leon to meet you ~

“Ellen does not want to know (‘_ ゝ’)

, Leonardo, my friend. They have two black eyes. My two videos are important. I told myself to appreciate that the video was very important and I was wondering if it was the same for you.

Ellen is, he thought, a

「~ I’m sure ~ (‘_ ゝ’). You can only see (‘_ ゝ’). I do not want to talk to a humble person. (‘_ ゝ’). I do not know what they think. (‘_ ゝ’). But he feels like a friend tired, and when I leave, Onisan has stopped showing love, right? Helen stopped. (‘_ ゝ’)

he said.

If others, he himself.

If he is not a stranger, it is not so.

Helen spoke positively.

Fill out. It is a dance because it is more entertaining than a fun, smooth boy. Mom always talks to Earl Theodoare, it’s fun. These things are very different.
With that I know the type of mother. 」

Ellen, who thinks she does not say anything nice, I do not like what “fun” but “perfect boy” he does not like.

Because he loved Will, he thought he was a good son of Ricardo.

“If you really want to talk, it will not hurt you when you know and hide (‘_ ゝ’)

Helen looks like Ricardo.

In addition, Ricardo did not comment on secret access.


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