Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 10

Whoa! What? An update?! It must be Christmas!

Checks calendar

Nope. Not even close.


Really though, hello. I’m alive and will be translating again. I apologize for the lack of updates for a whole year due to plenty of reasons which I will not list out here since they’re all basically just excuses and you probably aren’t interested in that anyway.

For those who read my other projects as well, Freeloader Elf will officially be on hiatus. I just can’t find the motivation for it and I’ve already finished volume 1 save for an extra idle talk. Stepmother will have inconsistent updates, but no surprise there I guess?

I know people hate this but I will be adding an aggregator bot countermeasure. I don’t know if it will work but it’s really simple though. There will be a few dummy links leading to weird reads (?) but if you follow the very simple instructions, you’ll get to the chapter.

TL;DR : I am back and translating greatest alchemist again. Ignore the read chapter link and click on Takumi’s face to read the chapter.


You know what to do. Read the next chapter here!

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