Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Fighting Strength Is Needed by Artisans?

It’s been 3 months since I began staying in Bohd Village.
I’ve decided it’s time to make preparations to leave for the next place.

Internally, I thought about the stuff I needed for the journey.
This is a world where one lives close to death.
Dangerous monsters hunt people, bandits and thieves exist, such is the norm of this world.
Certainly, just like Goddess-sama had said, slave trade was normal even for Japan in its period of warring states during the 15th century. It’s not that I don’t understand that this world isn’t especially dangerous, but this is undoubtedly a world far different from the current Japan.
Nevertheless, what’s strange is that since coming to this world, even though my opponents were monsters, I was not perturbed upon taking their lives. There was never a time in my life in Japan where I had to do things such as dismantling and yet, unjustifiably, I have no feelings of repulsion for it at present. Were the standards of this world something the Goddess-sama tampered with in my soul?

Well, it can’t be helped that my so called soul can’t be left as is since there’s a possibility that I will have to fight not just monsters, but people as well.

「Magic training’s got to be first, isn’t it. Afterwards, trying out weapons besides the spear, huh…… I wonder if the protective gear would turn out to be leather armor. Let’s consult with Bobon-san.」

I had in mind a few ideas on how to fight using my production jobs, but even then, I still lack a lot of things.
After that, I constructed a target at the side of my house and began Throwing practice.
In the beginning, I’ll throw stones, then once my accuracy and power increase due to the acquisition of the Throwing Skill, I’ll make free use of the large quantity of throwing knives I’ll make with steel and the Smithing skill, Craft.

Kan! Kan! (hammering)
Kaka! Kakaka! (throwing sounds)

It took me 10 days of throwing who knows how many knives before I could do it with ease.

「Alright, now to go out and level up Warrior and Mage.」

With the Magic Steel Short Sword on my left hip, and a Magic Steel Spear in hand, I headed towards the forest.
However, there weren’t any powerful monsters in the vicinity of Bohd Village. At best, the monsters should be as strong as the Blade Deer that Vanga-san hunted recently.


I did not realize that I had just raised a flag for myself.


I nibbled on grass and mushrooms while advancing into the forest. I took care not to eat too much at once.


〈The 「Poison Resistance」 Skill has been obtained〉
〈The 「Paralysis Resistance」 Skill has been obtained〉

As one could guess from the announcement, what I’m nibbling on are the poisonous plant, York Grass, and the fungi with a paralytic toxin, Mamani Mushroom. Ingest a small amount, recover with magic, then repeat.
I thought since I had skill acquisition and level up correction[1], I should learn resistance skills as one way to defend myself.
Well, I’m doing this while walking in the forest because it’s not like I could do this in front of Banga-san and the others.

While raising my resistance skills as I walk in the forest, I came across a chance to acquire the Confusion Resistance Skill.



Gasagasagasa, gasa.

I was caught completely off guard.
I was negligent in Enemy Search, Presence Detection, and Magic Perception.
There’s no way a thing like that would be in this forest!

What came charging into my view were red, bloodshot eyes, with two gigantic tusks. Its body is likely around the size of a Kei-Car[2].

Huge Armored Boar Lv25
Its tusks can pierce through even iron. A ferocious monster with a body clad in steel-like armor.
Its meat is a delicacy and can be sold for a large sum.

A ridiculously large wild boar clad in armor is charging right at me.


The earth shook as the Huge Armored Boar charged. I can say with certainty that I will die if I get caught by its more than a meter long tusk.


I immediately took out the throwing knives from my item box and threw them at it, but it didn’t seem to have left even a scratch on it as it approached without losing any speed.

「Think! Think! There’s got to be a way!」

I fired off Fireballs one after another.
It looked like it faltered a little bit from this but it doesn’t seem like there was any damage.


〈The 「Insight」 Skill has been obtained〉
〈The 「Evasion」 Skill has been obtained〉

I jumped to the side, avoiding the charge of the Huge Armored Boar by a hair’s breadth. As I was muddied by tumbling on the ground, I somehow recovered.

spits 「Heal」「Heal」

I thought I dodged by a hair’s breadth but it seems I was grazed.
It was just a graze but the pain that assaulted me was causing me to lose heart.
It would have been preferable if this place was densely populated by trees, but, unfortunately, it is wide enough for something of a large build could charge in.
The irritated Huge Armored Boar that I dodged changed its course, intending to charge.

「What can I do!? Think!」

Dodododooo! The earth rumbled as the Huge Armored Boar approached.
If this were to hit, it’d definitely be a traffic accident.
I’ve already dropped my spear.
The things I could do are limited.
Throwing knives can’t even scratch it.
The spear and sword I made wouldn’t work either, I think.
My only high level magic is Earth Magic. The next high level skill, Fire Magic Lv4, is ineffective.

「There is! My highest level magic!」

I immediately moved in preparation.
I enveloped myself in magic power.
Slipping by the long tusk of the Huge Armored Boar in front of me in a blink of an eye, I leapt sideways as I hit its large head with the palm heel of my hand.


The opposite side of where my palm hit had ruptured.
Gorogorogoro Checking what happened to the fallen Huge Armored Boar, it had collapsed in a crater on the ground that ran several meters.

〈The 「Taijutsu」 Skill has been obtained〉
〈The 「Matoujutsu」 Skill has been obtained〉

Fuu, ……………Was I scared?」

What I had released was, of course, not just a simple palm strike. I gathered magic power in my palm and invoked the Alchemist skill 『Decomposition』 as I struck the boar.
Since there were a variety of targets to decompose, it took the entirety of my magic power, but I believe that that snap decision was a job well done.

Uwaa~ My head’s all fuzzy.」

Straightening my aching body, I approached the Huge Armored Boar, I checked the wound on its head, its surface didn’t change much but I think that its brain is probably all mushy.
Draining the blood and dismantling it at this spot would be difficult so I gave up on that and stored its as-big-as-a-Kei-Car-body in the Item Box. Using purification magic, I cleaned off my muddied body, and continued walking through the forest while inserting a few breaks in between.


Name: Takumi Iruma
Race: Human
Age: 15 years old
Job: Warrior Lv26, Mage Lv32
( Carpenter Lv7, Alchemist Lv 44, Blacksmith Lv42 )
Level: 14
Condition: Healthy

Vitality: 280
Magic Power: 340
Strength: 124
Agility: 95
Stamina: 185
Dexterity: 127
Intelligence: 188

Unique Skills
Appraisal EX
Item Box EX (Concealed)

Passive Skills
Superhuman Strength Lv2
Insight Lv 1
Poison Resistance Lv2
Paralysis Resistance Lv2

Active Skills
Spear Handling Lv 3
Axe Technique Lv 2
Swordplay Lv 1
Throwing Lv 4
Taijutsu Lv 1
Matoujutsu Lv1 [3]
Enemy Search Lv 2
Presence Detection Lv 2
Stealth Lv 2
Evasion Lv1 [4]

Magic Perception Lv 2
Magic Power Manipulation Lv 5
Light Attribute Magic Lv 3
Fire Attribute Magic Lv 4
Water Attribute Magic Lv 2
Wind Attribute Magic Lv 2
Earth Attribute Magic Lv 5
Time-Space Attribute Magic Lv 1
Bestowal Magic Lv 2
Alchemy Lv 6
Smithing Lv 5
Woodworking Lv 4
Carpentry Lv 3
Foraging Lv 3
Logging Lv 2
Dismantling Lv 2
Mining Lv 3
Metalworking Lv 2

Divine Protection of Goddess Norn (Concealed)

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  1. Effect of the goddess’ divine protection, in case you forgot.[↩]
  2. A small type of car local to Japan. More info: [↩]
  3. Matoujutsu – Battle Magic Arts 魔闘術 (まとうじゅつ) or something like that as the magic counterpart in Taijutsu.[↩]
  4. I’ve checked so many times in multiple future chapters. This skill is not in the list of skills even though it was a skill acquired just this chapter. I think I will remove it in future chapters as well since I wouldn’t know its progress, I guess?[↩]
  5. Additionally, I’ll be using Artisan / production jobs depending on the context.

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