Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Ways to make a trip comfortable Part 2 Walking in the grasslands, Sophia is in the lead with her Sword of the Absorber and round shield, followed by Maria and I with our spears, and Kaede protecting the rear. I made full use of Presence Detection, Magic Perception, Enemy Search as we searched … Read moreGreatest Alchemist? Chapter 58

Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 57

Hi~ Here’s another chapter for you all. Thank you for your patience. I hope you enjoy! IGNORE the read chapter link. Click on the POTIONS. Click >>> <<< picture If you happen upon a chapter written incomprehensibly, then you are in the bot bait chapter. Please read my post properly or look at TOC so you … Read moreSomeday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 57

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Ways to make a trip comfortable Part 1 We will depart for the royal capital, Valkyratos, in about two weeks, and are progressing with our preparations. However, this time it will be a long trip that will take 20 days in a normal carriage, or 10 days in a Demon Horse-drawn carriage. So … Read moreGreatest Alchemist? Chapter 57

Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 56


I’m sort of back to give you guys a new chapter, there might be mistakes here and there though. But I hope you all still enjoy. Bummed that my bot prevention chapters have been removed and replaced with real chapters in aggregator sites now. But, oh well. I guess that’s really how it is. Can’t really beat them.

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Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Shall we prepare little by little? Having decided to go to the royal capital, we’re making a list of the necessary items and will continue with our preparations. 「How about some new overcoats?」 I suggested brand new overcoats for everyone. 「I believe our previous overcoats are still fine though?」 「Yes, the previous overcoats … Read moreGreatest Alchemist? Chapter 56

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Quite the summoning With the complete renewal of our mithril and adamantite equipment, we spent our days leisurely, making potions or accepting requests at the Adventurers Guild, and taking proper breaks. On one such day, Papeck-san visited my home for the first time in a while. It’s usually the head clerk, Thomas-san, who … Read moreGreatest Alchemist? Chapter 55

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 54

Chapter 54: What will the Artisan who wants strong weapons do? When I trained to get used to the newly made armor, I had to postpone making the two other spears. But now I can continue. The handle of the Ice Spear 【Ice Bringer】 that I made some time ago is made from Elder Treant … Read moreGreatest Alchemist? Chapter 54

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