Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 73

Chapter 73: Laeva’s Equipment Although I was experiencing grueling training from hell in the Adventurers Guild thanks to Barack-san, everyone spent their time on their respective objectives. Before I knew it, my objective had become mastering taijutsu. According to Barack-san, my goal is to awaken the advanced skill Fist King Technique from the Taijutsu skill. … Read more Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 73

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Alchemist masters Taijutsu? During this season when snow piles up, the amount of work apart from subjugation requests decreases, and adventurers in Volton split into three types. The high ranking adventurers who’ve saved enough until winter, they spend the majority of their time in leisure in winter; Intermediate level adventurers without an exclusive … Read more Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 72

Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 71


Surprise? It’s not too late this time. Same as always, got a bunch to do. >< It doesn't help that my knee and shoulder got banged up when I slipped yesterday. It's nothing too bad but it's very inconvenient. lol At least a bit less moving around and keeping myself in front of the pc might make me tl, right? XD Silver lining, silver lining! Anyway, enough updates about me. To the batmobile chapter!

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 71

Chapter 71: First Winter When we came back from the royal capital, winter had already arrived at the town of Volton. 「Master! Snow is piled up!」 「Yeah, the snow had piled up, huh.」 Close by, I watched Kaede play in the snow covered garden. Our clothes won’t lose to the coldness of winter. The Spider … Read more Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 71

Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Idle Talk 3


Really, it’s been so long since my last update. Sorry about that. Reasons are posted in a previous post so I won’t elaborate much on it here anymore. Anyway, I have a lot to catch up on irl because of the time I was out, but I didn’t want you guys to keep waiting more so here’s a chapter for you all. I’m pooped though so I haven’t had the chance to really look through it for mistakes so please bear with it for now. I’ll come back to edit it sometime, but for now, I need to sleep.

Greatest Alchemist? Idle Talk 3

Idle Talk: The Heroes’ Training In an wide indoor training area, dull training swords shrilled. The heroes summoned by the Divine Empire of Sydnia, Akira and Yamato, were training with a holy knight as an opponent. Akira, wielding a sword and shield, fights tempestuously and Yamato, equipped with knuckles / knuckle duster, fights employing martial … Read more Greatest Alchemist? Idle Talk 3

Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 70


So, as you all may have noticed, I haven’t been as active recently. I wasn’t expecting it to last this long but…well… more stuff have come up. Relatives in another country decided to surprise me with a visit, so I now have to attend to that too. And they’re staying for at least a week so I won’t have time (don’t get me wrong, I like my relatives). Sorry about this >w<'  Anyways, I noticed that there were a LOT of people who did not read the instructions and just clicked the link last chapter. I suggest those people go back and read it again because the fake chapter has a lot of edited lines that are not at all accurate or has a bunch of lines missing. Instructions are not even complicated. Oh well, new chapter! Enjoy!

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