Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Welcome? In the room provided at the Rockford Mansion, the three of us removed our equipment and changed into casual wear. Kon, kon. 「Coming!」 「It is time for supper, I shall be your guide.」 A maid arrived to call us, and we were guided to the Rockford Mansion’s large dining room. 「Takumi-sama, I’m … Read moreGreatest Alchemist? Chapter 65

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Territory of Earl Rockford We, a group heading for the royal capital with Margrave Volton, have left the territory of Margrave Volton and have entered the territory of Earl Rockford which is in between the royal capital, which the royal family directly controls, and the territory of Margrave Volton. The group’s journey to … Read moreGreatest Alchemist? Chapter 64

Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 63


So, it’s a new chapter again~ I’m trying out something different. It shouldn’t be obvious, because if it was, then I did a bad job of it. We’ll see how it goes. Buuut yeah, I wasn’t late QuQ It’s that time of the year where people get sick a lot again, so everyone take care.. and please do so even if it isn’t.. basically just take care of yourselves~ lol Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new chapter~

Thank you very much to D.G.-san for another generous donation on Ko-Fi! I really appreciate it. Also, I realize I don’t thank the patrons H.J.L-san, S.F.-san, D.G.-san, C.N.-san, G.M.-san, T-san, L-san, B.K-san, C.M-san, M.P-san, D.13.-san as often as I should, but please know I am very thankful to all of you.

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 63

The Road to the Royal Capital is Far From the west end of Valkyra Kingdom, where Volton is located, to the royal capital Valkyratos is 10 days of travel. Our specially made carriage was pulled by Tsubaki so we could have possibly arrived much faster by ourselves, but as expected, we couldn’t do that. Eventually, … Read moreGreatest Alchemist? Chapter 63

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Departing for the Royal Capital As we spent our days leveling Tsubaki up and accepting requests at the Adventurers Guild, the day of our departure to the royal capital had arrived. We are to assemble at the eastern gate of Volton. Those gathering here were the two carriages of Margrave Volton, three carriages … Read moreGreatest Alchemist? Chapter 62

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Extremely Speedy Carriage An adventurer town located in a remote region, Volton. In the grasslands in its outskirts is a carriage with running at explosive speeds. Its black body with silver panels dashed in defiance of the horrible paths. The horse pulling that carriage was abnormal as well. Despite its body being over … Read moreGreatest Alchemist? Chapter 61

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