Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Takumi Changes Job to Village Chief? Having finished our first dungeon exploration without being troubled by the Zealots, we returned to Volton. Among the copious amounts of drop items, we sold off the unneeded ones to the Adventurers Guild and the Papeck Company. From the treasure boxes, the jewels didn’t interest the girls … Read more Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 88

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 87

87 A Sabertooth Drake attacked with its 30 cm long fangs. It’s a large lizard spanning a total length close to 5 meters. Although it has Drake in its name, it is not a species of dragon. Gakii! Titan pinned down the Sabertooth Drake with its adamantite alloy-made large shield and swung his mace on … Read more Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 87

Greatest Alchemist? Idle Talk 05

Idle Talk: Distorting It’s been half a year since their summoning to Mildgard. Akira, Yamato, and Akane have been growing favorably. If compared to the average adventurers and knights in this world, that growth potential is likely eye-opening. In fact, Sydnia’s Pope Warvaal, as well as the officials of the Light God Faith were observing … Read more Greatest Alchemist? Idle Talk 05

Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 86


I’m back! I had a lot of things to do during my break but I think it’s about time I return to this series. Anywaaay~ It’s the start of Volume 3! Time to start a new adventure! I hope you’re all ready! Please enjoy!

To the supporters on Patreon, please make sure you choose a tier because there are now actual rewards set up ^^ I can’t implement the same for Ko-Fi though, because it’s considered one of their premium services. As always, thank you for your support! I appreciate it!

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 86

Dungeon Attempt The adventurer party 『Wings of Norn』 advanced through the dense forest. 「We are underground but we can see the sky in the forest.」 「It’s truly a mysterious place.」 「Yes, the environment changing when changing floors is nothing unusual, after all.」 We’re in an ancient A rank dungeon in the outskirts of the royal … Read more Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 86

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