Greatest Alchemist? Idle Talk 4

The Cornered Empire

Approximately two years before the Divine Empire of Sydnia did the hero summoning, Purifier MDs started circulating the market at Valkyra Kingdom. That trend started spreading and has circulated to many countries in the continent apart from Triaria Kingdom who does not actively trade with Valkyra Kingdom.

For the Light God Churchーー no. For the Divine Empire of Sydnia, it could not tolerate the profits gained by Valkyra Kingdom from the magic device that uses Light attribute. Light attribute magic is a gift bestowed to them by God. It is, by all rights, unacceptable for the priests of the Genesis Faith to use Light magic.

「How annoying, those damn fanatics in Lomaria Kingdom and Valkyra Kingdom are preaching racial harmony nonsense!」

Pope Warvaal slammed his fist on the table in anger.

「Pope-sama, apart from this, the offerings within Valkyra and Lomaria have been catastrophic with the appearance of cheap high quality basic potions in the market.」

Prime minister Musudan warily revealed the radical decline in offerings.

By nature, the cheapness of Genesis Church’s healing of people is evil. To the Light God Church, performing with Light magic bestowed to them by their God for cheap is nothing but evil.

Light God Faith is the religion of the Divine Empire of Sydnia and Triaria Kingdom. Moreover, in the capitals of Valkyra Kingdom, Lomaria Kingdom, Samandour Kingdom and in the territories of their collaborative nobles, they perform recovery magic on the wealthy for large sums of offerings.

Yet despite only few going around, the high quality basic potions that appear on the market have clearly decreased the sum of offerings from two countries, Valkyra and Lomaria.

「And so, Packard, has there been any contact with the Kamui unit that you sent to Volton which you found suspicious?」

Sydnia’s Holy Knight Leader Packard had sent in the Kamui unit, a team established to eliminate the enemies of the Light God Faith, to the Volton territory, which had been identified as the source of the Purifier MD and basic potions. Their objective is, of course, to eliminate the source.

「The Purifier DM is sold by the Papeck Company in Volton. The potions are sold by the Adventurers Guild and the Papeck Company without encroaching on the profits of the Pharmacists Guild. We sent the Kamui unit to Volton with the instructions to eliminate the source, however, all members had been detained by Margrave Volton.」

「The Kamui unit did not commit suicide?」

Kamui unit is a zealot unit summoned only to other countries, and failure of their mission equals suicide so no evidence is left behind. Or so it should have been thoroughly ingrained into them.

「Did they not even have the leeway to commit suicide?」

「It is most likely that they couldn’t because of slave contracts. Should that happen, I believe it would be best to assume that our information has been leaked.」

「………… This has turned into quite the mess.」

Warvaal’s expression soured. There, imperial princess Elizabeth started talking.

「Father, it would be best if we postpone this matter with Valkyra Kingdom for now. I believe that when that contract advances, the war potential of our Divine Empire of Sydnia will increase.」

「Fumu, Homer, what is the progress on that contract?」

Warvaal asked the head magician Homer regarding the progress of Sydnia’s top secret behind-the-scenes plan.

「Ha! The restoration of the magic circle found in the ancient ruins of the age of God has almost ended. However, the analysis of the magic circle is impossible. I believe that after it is filled with magic power, we will be able to activate it.」

「So the analysis has failed. Its effect is guaranteed, is it not?」

「Of course, we can only go by the explanations written in the ancient documents, but it is a magic circle that uses such a large amount of magic power, therefore I have no doubt that we will acquire the strength to reign supreme over this continent.」

「Then Homer-dono, how soon could this be realized?」

Head magician Homer was asked by prime minister Musudan to elaborate on how long before the plan could be executed.

「Ooh, that’s right, we must seek the cooperation of Triaria Kingdom. We need time to prepare as well.」

「Yes, it will take 1.5 to 2 years even if we utilize the ley lines to fill it with magic power.」

「Mu, it will take longer than I had expected. During that time, we can not leave Valkyra to its own devices. Should we dispatch Kamui units and move nobles connected to the Light God Church?」

「That’s right. To investigate the war potential of Valkyra and Lomaria, let us dispatch those that excel as spies from within the Kamui units.」

With Packard supplementing for Warvaal, they had set Sydnia’s objectives for the next two years.

Two years later, on the large scale magic circle installed in the temple of the Divine Empire of Sydnia, an otherworld hero summoning was performed.

Those summoned were 3 individuals with black hair and eyes.

However, for some reason, the magic formula used to construct the magic circle was no longer functional. Homer examined it countless times, but he never figured out the cause.

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Sphy’s Note:

Many people read the fake chapter 81, please read correct chapter 81 again if it was too short. You very likely missed many details. An obvious sign you read the fake is if it does NOT have a comment section.

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  1. The more these greedy F’s come up the more I ask myself 2 questions :

    1) How did their church get so big in the first place, if there have a competing faith that is much more friendly and reasonable, on top of worshiping gods that actually exist.

    2) Do none of them realize that if their tenants say that magic X is only granted by their “God” and no one else but said “God”‘s priests should have it, they would have to have a monopoly on it be default. That others have the same ability means that there are flaws with the basic tenants of their faith.

  2. “basic potions in the market” -> {basic potions on the market} ~ maybe?

    Noice, they just keep getting slapped by Takumi, even though he isn’t aware of it. Those are the best burns, when the burner isn’t even aware he’s roasting some roastable fools. Right, tired me typing weird things, sorry 🙂
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!


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