Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Accelerating Skill Levels

Because I obtained the Magic Formula Control skill in the middle of making magic devices, I’ve become able to do all things related to magic better than before.
Reduction in the amount of consumed magic power; Increased power; Precise manipulation. The benefits of Magic Formula Control are extensive.

And so I decided to challenge the golem core packed with the layered type magic circle that I had half abandoned.
If I complete a guardian golem for the mansion, the burden on all of us would lessen considerably.

「Hey Master, can’t golems be tamed?」

Kaede’s single sentence made the motivated me halt.

「…………umm, I don’t know?」

With Kaede’s unexpected remark, my hands suddenly stopped.
Can it be tamed? It is inorganic. But if we were to talk about things that can’t be tamed, I have tamed a spider type monster. Even more, I tamed a Drake Horse which had no records of being tamed in the last several hundred years.

Is it possible?

「Hey Sophia, what do you think?」
「Hmm. ………… I do not know.」

When I looked at Maria and Laeva, they shook their heads.

「Incidentally, are there golems around here?」
「In our vicinity, yes. There are Stone Golems that seldom appear at the west of Forest of Death where we had hunted for Treants when we were travelling to Horuas. Another is at an old dungeon close to Horuas, I hear that the Iron Golems appear near the mines too.」
「So there’s a dungeon.」

From Sophia’s explanation, there is a place to the west of the Forest of Death with stray Stone Golems and Iron Golems show up by the dungeon close to Horuas.

「What to do… Barack-san will get mad at us if we go to a dungeon now of all times, wouldn’t he?」
「That’s correct. There’s still the issue with the zealots, it would be like expressly saying ‘please attack us’.」

It’s just as she says.

「You’re right. Then I’ll challenge the golem core controls while we search for a new party member.」
「Well then, we will continue devoting ourselves to our respective studies.」

I was told by Sophia that dungeons are a no go, so I’ll try making a golem with minimal actions for now. I believe this will certainly be for something.

From there, in place of a natural golem’s core, I used 『Extraction』 and 『Synthesis』 to transmute a multitude of magic stones to create baseball sized magic crystals. Apparently only I have made magic crystals of this size in recent years. Of course, I’ve made sure no one knows about it.

I drew and crammed detailed layered magic circles into the completed magic crystals. Maybe because the level of Magic Formula Control was still low, it took a staggeringly long time and shaved away at my will power.
As I wringed out every bit of magic power I had, I continued doing precise work for a long time.

〈The 「Magic Formula Control」 skill has leveled up〉

As that announcement happened, my work suddenly became easier.

〈The 「Magic Formula Control」 skill has leveled up〉

The skill, despite being awakened just recently, leveled up fast. But the Alchemy skill which needs 1 more level won’t go up.

「(I wanna go to the dungeon~)」

This is entirely a hunch but if I can tame a golem, I feel like I can do one or even two version updates on this golem core.

Training with Barack-san at the Adventurers Guild’s training center, training with Dorn-san and the knights at the Knight Order training grounds, magic training with the Magic Division, and creating a golem core. The days passed hectically and around the time the season marked the start of summer, our mansion had two completed Stone Golem guards.
With repeated trial and error, it had taken me a long time to work on eliminating the bugs, but it’s thanks to that that I’ve been able to develop my Magic Formula Control skill quite a bit.
Laeva and Sophia’s Alchemy skill have gone up considerably, and they’re now able to make simple magic devices by themselves.

The result of months long of battle training, Sophia, Maria, myself, and Kaede’s battle skills have leveled up remarkably. This growth speed surprised Barack-san and Dorn-san.

And so, I at last acquired the 『Fist King Technique』 skill.

…………………………even though I’m an alchemist.

Name: Takumi Iruma
Race: Human
Age: 16 years old
Job: Magic Swordsman Lv32, Fighter Lv42
( Magus Lv16, Magic Bestower Lv52, Carpenter Lv24, Tailor Lv52, Alchemist Lv86, Blacksmith Lv78 )
Level: 69
Condition: Healthy

Vitality: 746
Magic Power: 960
Strength: 388
Agility: 354
Stamina: 458
Dexterity: 380
Intelligence: 452

Unique Skills
Appraisal EX
Item Box EX ( Concealed )

Passive Skills
Superhuman Strength Lv4 ( Up )
Insight Lv7 ( Up )
Poison Resistance Lv2
Paralysis Resistance Lv2
Evasion Lv7 ( Up )
Body Control Lv6 ( Up )
Increased Magic Power Recovery Speed Lv2 ( Up )
High-Speed Thought Process Lv2

Active Skills
Spear Handling Lv8 ( Up )
Axe Technique Lv5
Swordplay Lv8 ( Up )
Throwing Lv6 ( Up )
Taijutsu Lv10 ( Up )
Fist King Technique Lv1 ( NEW )
Matoujutsu Lv8 ( Up )
Enemy Search Lv5
Presence Detection Lv8 ( Up )
Stealth Lv6
Tame Lv3
Enhanced Physical Abilities Lv6 ( Up )

Magic Perception Lv9
Magic Power Manipulation Lv10
Magic Formula Control Lv5 ( Up )
Light Attribute Magic Lv7
Fire Attribute Magic Lv5
Water Attribute Magic Lv6 ( Up )
Wind Attribute Magic Lv6
Earth Attribute Magic Lv8
Ice Attribute Magic Lv6 ( Up )
Lightning Attribute Magic Lv7 ( Up )
Time-Space Attribute Magic Lv7
Bestowal Magic Lv8
Alchemy Lv10 ( Up )
Smithing Lv9
Woodworking Lv8
Carpentry Lv5
Foraging Lv6
Logging Lv5
Dismantling Lv4
Mining Lv4
Metalworking Lv8
Sewing Lv7
Cooking Lv4 ( Up )

Divine Protection of Goddess Norn ( Concealed )

Arachne Unique Species ( Kaede )
Drake Horse ( Tsubaki )

Giant Killer

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20 thoughts on “Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 82”

  1. Well, that’s a lot of skills for training, what was it, about a year. He really should go to a dungeon, not only would that make the spies and assassins come out, but also make things more interesting for the readers 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. If I remember correctly the max level of a skill is level 10, which on the skill list at the end it says that Takumi’s alchemy skill is level 10, while up the page a little bit Takumi says that the skill still needs 1 more level. Is that just me or am I just missing something?
    Thanks in advance.

    • This chapter isn’t specifically just a day or so’s worth of progress. Takumi had to spend weeks if not months training physically with Barack and Dorn, and also working on his artisanal skills, which included Alchemy skill. So, while true that it did say it wouldn’t go up by 1 (skill was Lv9 at that point and was being used as a point of comparison to his other skill, Magic Formula Control, which was leveling quite fast), as the days passed hectically, he got it to Lv10.

      There should have been a spacer between the paragraphs “version updates on this golem core” and “Training with Barack-san at the…” to show a gap and a bit of time passing, though. The spacing I used didn’t apply so I’ve changed the code on it so it should be there now. Fixed.

      • Much thanks for the update!
        Your explanation really helped clear things up for me, thanks.
        Anyhow, so does that mean now that it has hit the maximum level that its going to “evolve/rank up” into something awesome?

  3. can some1 exsplane thise the max lvl of skill is 100 in the texst it says (The skill, despite being awakened just recently, leveled up fast. But the Alchemy skill which needs 1 more level won’t go up.) and Job it says Alchemist Lv86 and active skills Alchemy Lv10 ( Up ) something is wrong here because i don t get it

    • Skills and job levels have different limits.
      Skills = Lv10 max
      Jobs = Lv100 max

      The Alchemy skill (was lv9 at that point) mentioned there was used as a comparison to his other skill that was leveling up much faster, during that time.

      The last few paragraphs are like a short time skip, just to show that he has made improvements.

      So to set an example, let’s say he said the “it only needs 1 more but it just wouldn’t go up” on Day 409. He practices for months.
      Fast forward to Day 526, he unlocks new skills and levels up. The status shown is his status on Day 526 with all his progress updates.

      It’s kind of like that. I hope that clears it up for you.

      • where does it say in thise chapter that his Alchemy skill lvled up i look up chapter 81 doesn t say anything about leveling up so where does the lvl 10 skill come from ? tell me anywhere where he level up his Alchemy skill doesn t say in chapter 81 or chapter 82

        • Not all skill level ups are announced, so it wasn’t written anywhere. It was implied that it happened sometime during his training phase, but not at any specific point. The only thing for sure is that it happened in this chapter.


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