Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Fortifying the Mansion’s Defenses[1]

It’s only been a year since I came to Mildgard, and yet I’m now suddenly being targeted by a strange bunch. So, to protect everyone, I’m fortifying the defenses of the mansion.

「Laeva, help me make the barrier magic device.」
「May I also learn about magic devices?」

When I called Laeva, Sophia volunteered. Come to think of it, she did say she wanted to learn about magic devices.

「Then Sophia, you help too.」
Moving to the workshop, I had Laeva and Sophia carve the magic circle I drew onto metal plates. Then I made a paste from magic stone powder and poured it into the etched magic circle.

「Speaking of alchemy, golem is one category of it too, isn’t it?」
「It is. But the magic circle etched into the core that controls it is exceedingly complex, so I have yet to try my hands on it.」

Laeva brought up the topic of golems, but this is quite a high hurdle. Previously, I had put out a request at the Adventurers Guild to get a golem core so I could examine a golem. The analysis of that golem’s core controls failed. Its complexity sets it apart from the levels of magic circles used in alchemy and magic devices. Layers of magic circles were carved into a magic crystal the size of a baseball. Golems that appear as monsters do not move and act particularly complicatedly. But even so, it was that complex. That reason is why I postponed my research on golems at the time.

「It’s because of times like these that Golems would be useful though.」

The Magic Power Manipulation of my current self isn’t by any means low, but the layered type of magic circle is not something I can restore. I think it would be difficult unless I improve more on the preciseness of my control over magic formulas.

「The golem made by a well-known alchemist could barely perform simple actions, though.」
「You’ve got a point. That means we can’t use a golem to guard the house.」

< The 「Magic Power Manipulation」 skill has leveled up〉
〈The 「Magic Formula Control」 skill has been obtained〉

「Ah. Magic Power Manipulation has maxed out its level and I got the Magic Formula Control skill. 」

While we were making magic devices, my Magic Power Manipulation skill went up, and I acquired the new skill, Magic Formula Control.

「Congratulations. What sort of skill is Magic Formula Control?」
「Hmm, let’s see. It feels like I can construct magic formulas with more ease than before, I think?」

I tested it out. I repeatedly tried constructing different kinds of magic chantlessly as I’ve been doing before then cancel it before it activates.

「If I level the Magic Formula Control a bit more, then maybe I can hijack a golem’s core controls.」
「Then let us quickly make these Barrier magic devices.」

Sophia and Laeva were enthusiastic too. It seems they want to finish making the Barrier magic devices quickly and research golem cores.

In addition to the Barrier magic devices, I decided to enchant the outer walls with magic resistance too. Rather than it being physically destroyed, being attacked with magic and causing a fire is scarier.

Once I fortified the mansion, I started with the analysis of the golem core. It would be great to have a golem with the flexibility similar to an AI with a high degree of freedom in movement and independent thinking, but currently, it probably wouldn’t be able to do anything apart from registered magic patterns.

I prepared plenty of paper and sketch the magic circles that correspond to the components of the layered type magic circle on it. Then I inserted magic circles with the intention of linking multiple magic circles.
As large amounts of paper going into the trash from redoing sketches over and over, I designed a magic circle that would become the blueprint.

I don’t think it’s something I can finish within a day, but it would be great if it takes form within the year.

Name: Takumi Iruma
Race: Human
Age: 16 years old
Job: Magic Swordsman Lv28, Fighter Lv36
( Magus Lv14, Magic Bestower Lv48, Carpenter Lv24, Tailor Lv52, Alchemist Lv82, Blacksmith Lv78 )
Level: 69
Condition: Healthy

Vitality: 740
Magic Power: 956
Strength: 384
Agility: 350
Stamina: 452
Dexterity: 376
Intelligence: 448

Unique Skills
Appraisal EX
Item Box EX ( Concealed )

Passive Skills
Superhuman Strength Lv3
Insight Lv6 ( UP )
Poison Resistance Lv2
Paralysis Resistance Lv2
Evasion Lv6 ( Up )
Body Control Lv4
Increased Magic Power Recovery Speed Lv1
High-speed Thought Process Lv2 ( Up )
Active Skills
Spear Handling Lv8 ( Up )
Axe Technique Lv5
Swordplay Lv7
Throwing Lv4
Taijutsu Lv9 ( Up )
Matoujutsu Lv7 ( Up )
Enemy Search Lv5
Presence Detection LV7 ( Up )
Stealth Lv6
Tame Lv3
Enhanced Physical Abilities Lv6 ( Up )

Magic Perception Lv9 ( Up )
Magic Power Manipulation Lv10 ( Up )
Magic Formula Control Lv1 ( New )
Light Attribute Magic Lv7
Fire Attribute Magic Lv5
Water Attribute Magic Lv5
Wind Attribute Magic Lv6
Earth Attribute Magic Lv8
Ice Attribute Magic Lv5
Lightning Attribute Magic Lv5
Time-Space Attribute Magic Lv7 ( Up )
Bestowal Magic Lv8
Alchemy Lv9
Smithing Lv9
Woodworking Lv8
Carpentry Lv5
Foraging Lv6
Logging Lv5
Dismantling Lv4
Mining Lv4
Metalworking Lv8
Sewing Lv7
Cooking Lv2

Divine Protection of Goddess Norn ( Concealed )
Arachne Unique Species ( Kaede )
Drake Horse ( Tsubaki )

Giant Killing

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  1. Raws say roof defenses 屋根, I believe it’s supposed to be mansion 屋敷.[↩]

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    • Yeah, soon as they started talking about golems, last chapters talk of finding a tank clicked. So I’m now expecting a melee golem with a female personality.

  1. “then cancel it before it activates.” -> {then canceling them before activation.}
    “from registered magic patterns” -> {from using registered magic patterns} ~ easier to understand
    “plenty of paper and sketch the” -> {plenty of paper to sketch the} ~ maybe?
    “of paper going into the trash” -> {of paper were going into the trash} ~ perhaps

    I’ve recently read from another golem based novel, so just made me think about how they should start making it. Also, I wonder how do magic machines work in this story. Well, this is means the story will get more interesting, so me gusta.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. I find it strange that he learned the Increased Magic Power Recovery Speed skill SO long ago while using a lot of magic, and he’s used way way waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more since then and yet it is still Level 1.

    Did the author forget about it? XD


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