Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 81


So got a few things to say today.

  1. So, apparently, I’ve made a wrong translation of アルケニー (read: Arukeni) to Arachne (アラクネ, read: Arakune). In Japan, there seems to be a distinction between them, but no matter how much I looked it up, I can’t find anything aside from it being from a few games (Specifically Digimon [Arukenimon / Archnemon, whose lore comes from the Greek’s “Queen of Spiders, and even links to Arachne wiki] and Megaten [Arukeni, no lore.]). Granted, the author might have played those games. So now I’m slightly conflicted about changing it or not. I’m just informing everyone for when I do change Arachne to Arukeni / Archene / or something (still figuring out a fitting spelling for it). Though it’s gonna be a pain in the bum to look for all the times I’ve used Arachne already lol.
  2. The site will be tinkered with a liiitle bit, so you might find some changes lol
  3. I’m still sick.
  4. New chapter is up so go enjoy yourselves 🙂

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