Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Equipment of the Two, Armor Edition Having finished making the girls’ sword and knives at a speed that one could only be expected with magic and only in a fantasy world, I then moved on to making their armor. The materials will be the same as mine, Huge Armored Boar’s hide and carapace. … Read moreGreatest Alchemist? Chapter 29

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Preparation for the Two All of my actions, collecting materials included, Sophia and Maria wished to do them together. Also, although it had already been decided that I will make Sophia and Maria’s equipment, a certain incident happened on the night of the discussion. I was relaxing alone in the bath when, all … Read moreGreatest Alchemist? Chapter 28

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Current Objectives On the second morning of Sophia and Maria coming to the house, the three of us finished eating breakfast and were discussing today’s plans and future objectives over a cup of tea. 「Firstly, my plans for today. We will buy clothing and underwear, and any other necessities for you, Sophia and … Read moreGreatest Alchemist? Chapter 27

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Three People and One Creature We returned to the mansion in Papeck-san’s carriage. The three of us entered the mansion and relaxed in the living room. 「For starters, there are 3 vacant rooms on the second floor, Sophia-san and Maria-san please choose from those.」 「Master, please address me simply as Sophia.」 「That is … Read moreGreatest Alchemist? Chapter 26

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 25

Chapter 25: In the end, I bought two Konkon, Gacha The sound of knocking was heard and Sophia came in with Moulin and an employee. 「Please sit down.」 Since she was just standing there, I asked her to sit down. 「Please allow me to ask you one or two questions. Sophia-san, you were a knight … Read moreGreatest Alchemist? Chapter 25

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