Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 16

Chapter 16: The Town of Volton 1 On an ordinary carriage, it’s a 3 day trip to the town of Volton. So if one were to ask if there were unordinary carriages, there actually are. A horse that has turned into a monster, a Demon Horse, boasts a remarkable difference in ability from a horse … Read more Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 16

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Takumi’s Departure Lined up on the road close to the gate of Bohd Village was the entirety of the villagers. As for me, in order to camouflage the boar leather armor and gauntlets and Kelpie boots on top of the Spider Silk shirt and cargo pants that I was wearing, I put on … Read more Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 15

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Making Takumi’s Armor Around the time the Kaede Fever started to settle down, I decided to make the full set of armor for myself while receiving help from Bobon-san. Bobon-san’s suggestion is to use the Huge Armored Boar’s hard-as-steel hide for the helmet, breastplate, shoulder pads, and gauntlet, and the flexible yet sturdy … Read more Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 14

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Kaede is Popular Among The Wives     The Killer Spider known as Kaede is a dangerous monster spider, but it is popular amongst the wives in Bohd Village. Honestly, rather than just okay, I actually think it’s cute, but since it was a size that was impossible in earth, I wanted everyone … Read more Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 13

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