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Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Takumi’s Departure

Lined up on the road close to the gate of Bohd Village was the entirety of the villagers.

As for me, in order to camouflage the boar leather armor and gauntlets and Kelpie boots on top of the Spider Silk shirt and cargo pants that I was wearing, I put on a plain-looking overcoat.

And snuggling up beside me, growing up to around 50 cm from measuring just its torso, is Kaede.

Kaede and I actively hunting in the forest, I raised my level. Thanks to that, Kaede got bigger, legs included.

Bobon-san says that while there are some largely-built species that exceed 10 meters within the monster spider family, since Kaede is of the assassination species that stealthily uses poison to kill, it seems it’s the type that will not grow too much.

Vanga-san and Martha-san approached, hugging me tightly.

「You had better come show yourself here again.」
「That’s right, because Takumi-kun is kind of like our child already.」
「Thank you very much. I will definitely come back someday.」

「「Take caaare~~!」」
「「Come back again~!」」

「Ou! Polish your skills!」

Ban, Bobon-san urging me on with a pat on the back, I walked towards the peddler’s carriage.

「Everyone! Though it was for a short while! Thank you very much!!」
「「「「「「Take caaaare~~!!」」」」」」

Holding in the tears, I hurried to the peddler’s carriage.
I believe that my first encounter since coming to Mildgard being with good people and parting with them is an experience I likely wouldn’t ever have in Japan where people’s relationships were faint.

Having boarded the peddler’s carriage and taking the seat beside the coachman, I continued to wave as the carriage began to move. The villagers waved their hands until I was out of sight.

「Takumi-sama you are very much loved in Bohd Village, aren’t you. I’ve been coming and going to Bohd Village for many years but……………」

The one who called out to me is the peddler controlling the carriage from the coachman’s seat, Papeck-san.Papeck-san a man with a prominent stomach in his 40’s or 50’s.
Vanga-san had asked Papeck-san if he could give me a ride until town, to which Papeck-san readily agreed to.

Also, this might have also been influenced by the fact that Bobon-san sold some of the materials from the Huge Armored Boar to Papeck-san.

「It’s true, we’ve done a few escorts to Bohd Village, but it’s like Takumi-dono is like family to the villagers there.」
「Papeck-san and Heath-san, please address me casually as Takumi. I am but a greenhorn who’s only recently become an adult, after all.」
「Hyahyahyahya, that’s cus Heath smells like an old man.」
「What did you just say?! Lyle is the same age as me though!」

The one speaking from inside the carriage is adventurer escort, Heath-san. He has short blonde hair, is almost 2 meters tall and has burly muscles, a battle axe-wielding Warrior. I was surprised to hear his age though, he looked like he was still in his mid-twenties. When I looked surprised, the one who made fun of Heath-san was Lyle-san. A long red haired bow-wielding Scout. He looks like an effeminate man but he’s likely very skilled. And one more person, the silent skinhead (bald), Bogah-san is a giant even larger than Heath-san, wielding a large shield and mace he is probably the Tank of the party. These three are the members of the C ranked Adventurers of 『Lion’s Fang』, the escorts that Papeck-san often comes with to Bohd Village, it seems.
「Still, in the short time since I last came to Bohd village, it was surprising to see that the village has changed completely.」
「Well, it’s a development. Since I was very well under their care, even if was just a little bit, I did it for sake of the villagers.」

When I first arrived at Bohd Village, there was only a crude fence that surrounded that village. That can now be called a defensive wall 2 meters high, 30 cm thick stone wall enclosing the village. Furthermore, with the likelihood of the village growing larger in the future, the defensive wall was built much wider. A moat has been dug outside of the wall, it borders the abandoned village but it doesn’t seem to be visible.

This was something I made as part of my Earth Magic training, wanting to it even a little bit safer for the kids.

Also, though it would sooner or later be exposed, a hand pump was installed in the village water well. The pump that Bobon-san and I made together was installed inside one of the two water wells of the village, but if a merchant or a tax collector were to discover such a groundbreaking invention it might become troublesome for me, so a new water well with a pump installed was dug up in a hard to notice place.
And then Papeck-san noticed that the attires of the village housewives were made of Spider Silk, but since I had introduced Kaede, I couldn’t hide it.

「Also, Takumi-sama, how many Basic Potions do you have left stocked?」
「Since the potion bottles I have are limited, excluding the ones for my personal use, I have around 100 pieces of each potion right now.」

Since potions were also made everytime I made potion bottles, I made a fair amount, but these were reserves for the village which were entrusted to Vanga-san.
When I’m staying in the village, illnesses and injuries could be healed with potions or Recovery Magic, but I can’t say the same for when I’m gone, so I’ll support them as much as I can. Though I think it’s hypocritical if it’s only to the extent where my hands can reach, but it is natural to favor those who have treated me kindly.

「Would it be possible to buy all of those?」
「If there is no issue related to rights then I don’t mind.」
「Since potions and the like can be bought from any Magician Guild, Pharmacist Guild, Commerce Guild, Adventurers Guild, there will be no issue selling it to me.」

From Papeck-san’s explanation, it seems that the recipes for standard potions are monopolized by the Pharmacist Guild and Magician Guild, and one must register to either guild to be taught the recipes and practice to make potions.
In my case, knowing the recipe thanks to Appraisal EX, I produce it using alchemy, improving its quality. Papeck-san said that the kinds of potions I made exceeded the limits of basic potions so similar ones could not be made by the Pharmacist Guild or the Magician Guild. It appears that since the method and recipe would be recognized as my original, there would be no problem selling to Papeck-san or the Adventurers Guild.
Incidentally, it seems that Papeck-san also has the Appraisal Skill, but it is different from my unique skill Appraisal EX, since it can only find out up to the details of people and items. Appraisal is ineffective at finding out the composition of medicine and its recipe.
Papeck-san had appraised the potions I left in the village and was surprised by its effectiveness, and by all means wanted to buy some from me, even if just a small amount.

「Then, would you be willing to sell everything to me?」
「Yes, that would be alright.」
「Well then, how does 10 silver coins a piece for Basic Heal potions, 10 silver coins for Basic Stamina Potion as well, and 50 silver coins a piece for Basic Mana Potion sound?」
「Eh? Isn’t that expensive? These are basic potions, you know.」

Heal Potion and Stamina potions were 10,000 yen each? Mana potions at 50,000yen? I couldn’t believe my ears at Papeck-san’s suggested prices.

「This is not at all expensive. Rather, since Takumi-sama is nameless, I’m sorry but what I’m offering is a bit cheap.」
「That’s right Takumi, hearing that although it’s basic grade, it’s of the highest quality, if the amount it restores comes close to intermediate potions, its selling price would be many times that price.」
「Yeah, it’s as Heath says, Takumi. Because, to us adventurers, potions are our lifeline. There’s no one here who would die because of stinginess.」
「There you have it, it will be 70 gold coins for everything. The trade of merchandise and money will be at my shop in the town of Volton, please.」

I couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.
In this world where you can live off of 1 gold coin for month, to suddenly have 70 gold coins. That is equivalent to 7 million in Japanese Yen.
Harvesting the medicinal plants myself, even the materials for the potion bottles were mined, the bottles were my my own work, and the potions inside were, of course, also my own work. Isn’t this almost pure profit?
But since it’s medicine that can heal injuries at once, it’s inevitable that prices are high, I suppose.
It seems that the Huge Armored Boar materials from Bobon-san were bought at a very high price, I couldn’t say I have more.

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Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 14

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Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Making Takumi’s Armor

Around the time the Kaede Fever started to settle down, I decided to make the full set of armor for myself while receiving help from Bobon-san.

Bobon-san’s suggestion is to use the Huge Armored Boar’s hard-as-steel hide for the helmet, breastplate, shoulder pads, and gauntlet, and the flexible yet sturdy Blade Deer pelt for the lining and moving parts.

For enchantments, it’d only have Automatic Temperature Regulation for now. The plan is that if I find the magic circles in a spellbook in town, I’ll add Self Repair and Automatic Size Adjustment.

「Takumi, I’ll take your measurements so don’t move.」
「But how would you make an armor from the hide of Huge Armored Boar that’s this hard?」

I don’t think it would heat up like metal in a furnace.

「Huh, it’s kinda the same as how an insect species would its exoskeleton, that’s the reason for the smithing magic, Craft. Though before you mold it with Craft, it’s necessary to pour enough magic power into it to adapt it to yourself. I think that if it’s you, your magic power will be enough.」

Under Bobon-san’s tutelage, I molded the parts. Its consumption of magic power is definitely much larger compared to Magic Steel, but it was much easier when I started molding it with Craft.
The design of the helm is simple, and the interior is affixed with shock-absorbing cushioning.
Bobon-san cut the hide into parts, and sewed them.

「The Huge Armored Boar’s hide was dark brown, and yet it’s now close to black, isn’t it.」
「It probably changed in color because of Takumi’s magic power adhering to it. Stories of actual color tones and colors of finished products changing are something I often hear.」

The hard metal-like parts, ones unthinkable as a monster’s hide, were given a surface finishing and the black became close to gray when it settled. Additionally, to match, the other parts were hide parts were dyed black but a bit brighter. Given that my concept is to not stand out, it should be difficult to find me at night and in dark forests.

「Takumi, while we’re at it, wanna make new boots too?」
「You’re right…… to make new ones now. I’ve given it a little thought too.」
「Then, I’ll give you the materials I’ve been holding on to.」

Saying that, Bobon-san went into his workshop. Bobon-san came back before long and in his hand was a bluish gray hide.

「This is a the skin of a Kelpie[1]. A Kelpie’s skin is exceedingly waterproof, very sturdy yet flexible. It’s a first class material for boots.」
「It’s such a valuable material, would that really be alright with you?」

Me saying that, Bobon-san laughed it off.

「Listen Takumi, it might not look like it, but taking the materials from the Huge Armored Boar that I’ve received from you into consideration, I’ll be making a considerable profit.」
「Then will be good if that is the case.」
「The tips and soles of the boot need some reinforcement. For when you need to kick, right?」
「No, I am an artisan[2] though……」

Bobon-san laughed scornfully as I said that.

「There ain’t an artisan that can walk in the forest alone.」
「Normally, when an artisan goes out to harvest and mine, he’d go and hire an escort.」

It would seem that although Bohd Village has few dangerous monsters nearby, the Blade Dear is one of those dangerous monster. Also, Bobon-san told me to take the Huge Armored Boar from the other day as an example, such a strong irregular monster appearing is strange even for this world.

「I think you area already at a level where you can make a living as a competent enough adventurer.」
「Nooo, I am unable to make a living with that.」

Certainly, the me who took down the blade deer to Huge Armored Boar calling myself an artisan might be called a fraud by adventurers. After that, I heard that to subjugate a Huge Armored Boar, it takes at least 4-5 parties of B ranked adventurers.………yeah, it was hard to attack.

However, the fact is that I increase the levels of my combat type jobs to be useful to my artisan jobs. Thanks to switching to Mage in fights, my magic power increased, and the skill 『Insight』 that I learned in the middle of the fight is useful to both fighting and crafting.

「Well, Takumi is Takumi, isn’t that a good thing?」
「…… it is as you say.」

The people of this village are truly genial.
They accepted me and treated me like family.
Though I certainly have made contributions to the the village as well.

The influence I had in this village might not have been small. Supplying potions, information on sanitation, using Earth magic to form the protective wall of the village. Especially the hand pump Bobon-san and I made for the water well, I’m sure it made the villagers’ day to day life much easier.

I tried wearing the completed set of armor.
The Spider Silk used on the durable black cargo pants is stretchable so it doesn’t inhibit mobility. Since the shirt is also made of Spider Silk, on top of being durable, it is also smooth to the touch because of the thin threads used.
Furthermore, I wore the breastplate and shoulder pads together for my upper torso. Wearing the gauntlets, Kelpie boots, and putting on the helmet, my presence could be mistaken for as an assassin with these black and gray tones.

「Fumu, it doesn’t seem like we need to do any adjustments.」
「Yes, there are no problems.」

I moved while wearing the equipment, confirming that it didn’t inhibit my movement.

「Don’t feel so lonely.」Bobon-san said.
Everyone said that it would be better if I leave the village by the time that my armor is completed. Since it’s just around the time a peddler would visit, I should head to town by hitchhiking with the peddler, they said.

Though it was only for a short while, saying goodbye to the people I’ve come to know well is sad, but staying here indefinitely doesn’t feel right, so, like Vanga-san and Martha-san said, I decided that this is the right time to leave the village.

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  1. Kelpie or water kelpie, is the Scots name given to a shape-shifting water spirit inhabiting the lochs and pools of Scotland. It has usually been described as appearing as a horse, but is able to adopt human form. – Wikipedia. …though of course I know it from the Persona series. ahaha…*ahem* [↩]
  2. I might have already said this in a previous chapter, but “Production Job/s” will be changed to Artisan / Craftsman and maybe Creation Job/s (for general term) based on the context. Production jobs is too awkward, lengthy, and just lame. So I think I’ll change it to one of previously mentioned ones. Leaning more towards Artisan for Takumi in particular, though.[↩]


Someday Wil I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 13

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Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Kaede is Popular Among The Wives



The Killer Spider known as Kaede is a dangerous monster spider, but it is popular amongst the wives in Bohd Village.
Honestly, rather than just okay, I actually think it’s cute, but since it was a size that was impossible in earth, I wanted everyone to at least feel that “I wish you won’t be afraid of it”. But when it was made public, lo and behold, it was popular amongst the Bohd village wives.

If I had to say why things turned out this way, it’s because of the threads that Kaede produces.
I’ve heard that cloth woven from threads of a monster spider called Spider Silk is a super high class item.
It is more durable than cheap leather armor, it doesn’t get dirty easily, and the feel of it is the best. Nobles say that they would buy Spider Silk cloth.


Two days after the large banquet when I had brought Kaede back to the village, Martha-san enthusiastically asked something of Kaede.
Naturally, with us being connected by magic power, no one but I can communicate telepathically with it, however, maybe because of Martha-san’s persistence, or because Kaede is clever, they had agreed to exchange a fixed amount of thread for meals. Martha-san is incredible.

The village had but 3 looms used by turns, and the wives were ecstatic to weave Spider Silk cloth.

From there, I made my own thread spinning wheel and loom, learned how to weave from Martha-san, weaved Spider Silk cloth, and challenged myself to sew my own clothes.

Kaede-san is impressive, with just my magic power and meals being given, it produces as much thread as it wants.

「Kaede, can you make the thread just a bit more elastic?」

I decided to try to weave some cloth using the slightly elastic thread and weave it crosswise with durable thread.


『This, fun』

Skillfully manipulated the thread in the thread spinning wheel with two arms, Kaede spun thread. My Kaede is so clever I couldn’t believe it’s a spider.


gikkonbattan, The sounds of weaving resounded from Bohd Village.
Martha-san dyed the threads with dye that I had adjusted with alchemy.

「With this, it’s goodbye to stiff underwear」
「My, Takumi-san, you’re making even your underwear with Spider Silk? I wonder if we should do the same」
「Umm, please don’t tire Kaede out too much」

The wives response to my muttering to self was extreme. It resulted in Kaede’s burden increasing.

However, using Kaede’s special elastic thread, the band for underwear can be made. It seems I can make cloth have the elasticity that’s close to the underwear I wore when I was still in Japan.

After I finished weaved the Spider Silk for my clothes, I started weaving an elastic cloth for underwear. Making sure not to forget the elastic band for the underwear, my aim is boxer briefs.

「Takumi-chan, that has to be backstitched.」
「Ah, yes.」
「Takumi-kun, is there any of the stretch cloth remaining?」
「Oh, I have some.」

I was surrounded by the village wives and was sewing clothes.

「Takumi-kun, the pants being black is alright, but wouldn’t the shirt be better if it was a bit lighter in color?」
「I have a reason for making it a darker color. To make it harder for monsters to spot me in the forest, it has to be a dark color. Well, that’s limited to only the surroundings of the dark forest though.」
「So Takumi-chan has also been thinking this through.」


I’ve been behaving awfully cute to the villagers here.
I believed that since the 40+ year old me had obviously turned into a handsome 15 year old, the villagers would think of me like a younger brother or son and treat me as such.
Prior to this, despite not even having 3 months pass since I had come to this world, I hadn’t been self-conscious that I was 40+ years old. I also think that putting a soul into a young body was extreme.

(This is definitely Norn-sama’s doing)


「Takumi-kun, would it be possible to request fine thread for the shell from Kaede-chan?」
「For the shell?」
「Right, for covering the coat.」
「Aaah, a coat with a shell of Spider Silk would be too conspicuous, wouldn’t it.」
「Also, if it’s you, Takumi-kun, you could enchant the shell of the coat with temperature control.」

Spider Silk cloth has very good compatibility with bestowal magic. Since, at the very least, 2 enchantments are possible, it’s only natural that my clothes and underwear would have enchantments.

「I understand. A magic stone as a catalyst, please. A small one will be enough.」
「「「Oh my, us too please.」」」
「………… yes.」

I haven’t even enchanted my short sword and spear yet……………


Bestowal magic is magic that turns a magic stone into a catalyst for the purpose of writing a magic circle. Or a Magic Bestower actually uses that intended magic. I don’t understand magic circles, but I do use a diversity of magic so I could probably enchant.

For example, let’s say fire magic to increase offensive power, and wind magic to increase sharpness and cut through bone.


In order to fulfill the village wives’ request, I have to practice Bestowal magic more.



Name: Takumi Iruma
Race: Human
Age: 15 years old
Job: Warrior Lv30, Mage Lv38
(Carpenter Lv7, Alchemist Lv44, Blacksmith Lv42, Magic Bestower Lv20, Tailor Lv16)
Level: 18
Condition: Healthy

Vitality: 320
Magic Power: 420
Strength: 144
Agility: 115
Stamina: 205
Dexterity: 142
Intelligence: 196

Unique Skills
Appraisal EX
Item Box EX (Concealed)

Passive Skills
Superhuman Strength Lv2
Insight Lv1
Poison Resistance Lv2
Paralysis Resistance Lv2

Active Skills
Spear Handling Lv3
Axe Technique Lv2
Swordplay Lv1
Throwing Lv4
Taijutsu Lv1
Matoujutsu Lv1
Enemy Search Lv2
Presence Detection Lv2
Stealth Lv2
Tame Lv1

Magic Perception Lv4
Magic Power Manipulation Lv6
Light Attribute MAgic Lv5
Fire Attribute Magic Lv4
Water Attribute Magic Lv4
Wind Attribute Magic Lv2
Earth Attribute Magic Lv5
Time-Space Attribute Magic Lv2
Bestowal Magic Lv3
Alchemy Lv6
Smithing Lv5
Woodworking Lv5
Carpentry Lv3
Foraging Lv3
Logging Lv2
Dismantling Lv4
Mining Lv3
Metalworking Lv2
Sewing Lv3

Divine Protection of Goddess Norn (Concealed)

Killer Spider Unique Species (Kaede)

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Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 12

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Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 12

Chapter 12: A Village in Festivity

Starting from the time I had encountered the Huge Armored Boar, nothing as big as that had turned up.
So I reflected, training Presence Detection, Enemy Search, Magic Perception, and Stealth while walking through the forest.

Presence Detection and Enemy Search have subtle differences in their roles. Presence Detection is a skill that searches for presences of living things regardless of whether they’re big or small, or friend or foe. Enemy Search is a skill that, like its name says, searches for hostility in living things. Magic Perception is much broader, it perceives targets with magic power.

Improving resistance skills and training were done at the same while I hunt for monsters.


In the end, it took me 3 days to return to Bohd Village.

「Oh, Takumi, you’re back safe and sound?」
「I’ve somehow returned safely」

Upon returning to the village, I went to Vanga-san’s house before I went back to my place. Naturally, it was about the Huge Armored Boar. Dismantling it alone is just simply impossible. Furthermore, it is something that can’t be done without receiving the cooperation of the blacksmith, Bobon-san.




I took out the Huge Armored Boar from my Item Box.

「Wha!! So big! So this is a Huge Armored Boar! Takumi! You, did you kill this?!」
「Yes, I thought  I was going to be killed」
「Well, yeah.  Oi! Kaachan! Kaachan[1]!」

Vanga-san called out to Martha-san.

「What is it, you’re so noisy, talking so lo…………udly」
「Kaachan, hurry and call that bastard, Bobon, over here. Dismantling this is too much for just me and Takumi.」
「Y, yeah, got it.」

Martha-san quickly went to call Bobon-san over.
During that time, all (?) of the citizens of Bohd village had gathered, and were looking at the Huge Armored Boar from a distance.

「Oi oi! You done killed something so amazing. Look at these tusks. This armor-like hide too, these’d make some excellent leather armor.」

Bobon-san, who was called over by Martha-san, stopped whatever he was doing in his den and started talking on and on with an excited tone when he saw the Huge Armored Boar.

Though everyone was talking loudly in a hubbub, not a single person brought up the fact that Kaede was clinging onto my back. It seems that the impact of Huge Armored Boar was so strong that they didn’t even notice Kaede.

At that moment, children noticed that Kaede was on my back.

「Listen listen Oniichan, there’s a huuuge spider on Takumi-oniichan’s back」
「Whatcha saying. This…………Hiii!」
「Ah! I, it’s alright! This one here is my tamed monster!」

I hurriedly diffused the situation that could have caused a panic.

「……Takumi, people would normally have known that insect species can’t be tamed but…… it seems they can be.」

Observing how Kaede was being docile on my back, even Vanga-san was slightly shocked, however, the villagers soon recognized that Kaede was not dangerous. Guys, aren’t you too quick to accept this?


「Oh, Vanga! Dismantle this before anything else, dismantle!」

Bobon-san smacks the Huge Armored Boar and hurried us.
It seems he’s in a hurry to make weapons and armor from its materials. The desire of a candid man.

「Now then! Time to dismantle!」

With an engaging shout from Vanga-san, altogether the villagers began to dismantle it. Naturally, at Vanga-san and Bobon-san’s instructions, I also helped with dismantling.

「Takumi-san, please purify the viscera!」
「Yes yes, 『Purification』」

The instructions for me to purify the viscera came from a village wife.
Fresh monster viscera is something the villagers consider a feast, however, those parts having miasma and parasites is a problem. That is resolved with the use of my light attribute magic 『Purification』.

The convenience of Purification through my frequent use of it in everyday life is something that the village wives had come to know about. Thanks to that, it’s purification over baths, purification of trash that can’t be turned into fertilizer, purification of laundry that fell and got dirty, and other convenient uses is how things currently stand.

This method of using purification magic is probably something only I do. The number of people suitable for the light attribute are few, and those that are, work as priests under the church, is what Martha-san informed me. “Use it in a way that won’t make you stand out in town” she says.

After I, who unreservedly uses purification and takes it for granted, leave the village, I’m worried if the village will be troubled by the difference in their way of life.


The village wives quickly started cooking the viscera I had cleansed.
The men were doing physical labor under Vanga-san and Bobon-san’s instructions. Everyone was coming by for meat and taking the initiative to help. It’s a small village so even after distributing meat to everyone, there’s still a large amount of it that remained. My item box stops time so it’s alright though.


「Takumi! Look at this harder than steel exoskeleton-like hide! These will be great material for excellent leather armor~!」

Bobon had so much enthusiasm he’d likely rub his cheeks against the Huge Armored Boar.

The materials of this Huge Armored Boar that will be mine are hide for my complete set of leather armor, one tusk, the soft hide near the belly, the magic stone, and the leftover meat. For Bobon-san, I plan on presenting a bit of the armor-like hide, one tusk, and the bones to him.


A small village it may be, with everyone making progress with dismantling, the dismantling was surprisingly finished fast. Maybe due to the location of this village, almost everyone has the Dismantling skill.
Isn’t it amazing, even kids were helping with the dismantling.


「Alright! Takumi! These are the materials for the leather armor and tusk, your portion of the meat, and the remaining hide. The remaining hide will sell for a high price in town so take it.」
「Yes, I understand.」

I stored my portion of the divided materials into the Item Box.

「Alright! All that’s left is for everyone to eat the meat~!!」

From there, the whole village broke into a large festivity.

Apparently, once a year, this village performs a harvest festival, but the chances to fill up on meat are few, so as a reaction to that, both the adults and the children wolfed down the meat, and the adults took out and drank the alcohol, bought from peddlers that visit a few times a year, that they’ve been keeping.
The children fed Kaede some meat.

There, Vanga-san was sitting next to me.

「It’s because of Takumi that Bohd Village became cheerful again. Really, thank you very much.」
「That’s not true, Vanga-san, this is because I’m so grateful to everyone in the village.」

In actuality, I was so lucky that the first people I’ve met in this world were Vanga-san, Martha-san, and the villagers, but I didn’t say that, Thanks to not having been exposed to ill will, and having received the kindness of everyone in the village, I have a feeling that I gained the resolution to live in this world.

That night, the villagers all continued festivities until late.

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  1.  Kaachan / Kaasan – it means mom, but, like Vanga, at times the husband calls his wife this, and, conversely, a wife sometimes calls the husband, Otousan. Usually done when they already have children.[↩]

Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Spiders Are Not Bugs

Making camp as I explored the inside of the forest, I met It.

A black mass around 30 cm.
It has a faint response to Presence Detection and Magic Perception but there was none to Enemy Search.
Thinking it was strange, I approached it cautiously.

「Let’s see, a spider?」

It’s a monster spider curling its legs close to its body. However, there was no feeling of danger.

「You’re dying?」

The monster spider is weakened and about to die. I could also see that one of its legs was torn off, it must have fought with another monster and lost.


Poison Spider Unique Species Lv19
A monster spider possessing paralysis poison and a slow-acting poison
A Unique Species born from the Poison Spiders. As it is a rare specimen, it has the potential to evolve.
Condition: Dying


As a result of Appraisal, I now know what kind of monster it is but……well, finishing it off is not something I want to do. It won’t live even if I leave it alone though……

For some reason, I don’t know why but, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. A strange mood that makes it difficult for me to leave it as it is. I’m not that good with bugs and spiders but, it looked rather cute, does it have demon eyes of Charming, I wonder? But there wasn’t any sort of feeling of resistance, so that’s not it.

At that moment, I felt the sensation of a path of magic power from the spider I was watching closely connect to me. It felt as if my Insight skill had brought something up.


If this spider becomes healthy, it won’t be defeated anymore.
So, I healed this spider several times.
Its lost legs weren’t restored but Appraisal shows that it was no longer dying so it’s okay now.

「Well then, I’ll be leaving now.」

〈The [Tame] Skill has been obtained〉
〈Tame Poison Spider? Y/N 〉

Eeeh~! What is “Tame”?!
So, insects can be made into a familiar[1]~  No, spiders are not insects. No no no, that’s not the problem here.
While I was being indecisive, the spider watched me with its eight crimson eyes. It looks like it wants to be taken along.

「Haa, you want to come with me?」

〈Poison Spider has been tamed〉

『…………g, o. toge, ther.』

At that moment, between the Poison Spider and I, I knew that we were definitely connected by a path of magic power.

「Not having a name would be inconvenient, right. Let’s see……」

I, who isn’t really confident in my naming sense, pondered over a name for the spider. Then, incidentally, the pattern on the back (?) of the spider came into view.

「That’s it, I see a leaf of the maple tree. I don’t know if this world has maple trees but, do you think the name Kaede[2] is good enough?」
『……ye, ah』

It looks like it’s pleased.
The moment I gave the Poison Spider its name, a large amount of magic power from within me flowed into the Poison Spider.

「Wha?! This must be because of naming it!」

Then Kaede’s body was wrapped in light and started moulting.
Kaede grew one size larger when it finished moulting. Even its leg was healed to how it was before.

「Could it be that you didn’t grow but evolve?」


Killer Spider Unique Species Lv1
A monster spider that possesses paralysis poison and deadly poison.
A rare species that evolved from the Poison Spider.


There was a different species name when I appraised it. It seems like it really did evolve.

『Evolved, Kaede, happy』
「The words sent telepathically have become a bit more fluent.」

Since I could see the status of a contracted familiar monster, I decided to check it.


Name : Kaede (Takumi Iruma’s Familiar)
Race : Killer Spider
Age : 5
Level : 1
Condition : Healthy

Vitality : 140
Magic Power : 160
Strength : 60
Agility : 80
Stamina : 70
Dexterity : 90
Intelligence : 60

Unique Skills
Spider Thread Creation

Passive Skills
Poison Resistance Lv4
Paralysis Resistance Lv4
Spatial Understanding Lv2

Active Skills
Thread Manipulation Lv6
Poison Creation Lv5
Presence Detection Lv4
Magic Perception Lv5
Stealth Lv5

It seems its level was reset upon evolving.
Even so, this one seems strong, doesn’t it.


Spider Thread Creation
The ability to create strong threads. Its strength can cut even steel.

Thread Manipulation
The art of freely manipulating and fighting with thread.


Looking at the details of the unique skill together with Thread Manipulation, it becomes a formidable weapon.
Spatial Understanding Skill is to make use of thread for nimble three-dimensional movement distinctive to spiders.


Poison Creation
The ability to create poisons such as paralysis poison, neurotoxins, slow-acting poison, to comply to a situation.


It seems that its poison is much stronger than when it was a Poison Spider. This might be tough on my Poison Resistance.
Since the level of the skills Magic Perception, Presence Detection, and Stealth are quite high, it’s like the configuration of an assassin.
「Now then, I’ll be going back to the village soon but, is your body alright? Can you keep up?」
『Am alright, can follow, Master』

Given that its exoskeleton has now settled after moulting, I told Kaede of my return to the village. [3]

On the way back to the village, since Kaede’s legs were back to how they were before, I had some leeway in returning.
Kaede would hop around while following me. Sometimes, it would leap from tree to tree with its threads like Tarzan.


It was a long time after I had named Kaede did I realize that I had not asked if it was a boy or a girl.

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  1. 従魔 – I don’t know how to translate this, familiars of magicians are usually said as 使い魔.[↩]
  2. Kaede in kanji 楓 means Maple (tree) in Japanese, but the name in its status is in Katakana. Also, its speech is all in Katakana.[↩]
  3.  When something moults, the new exoskeleton is soft for a while before it settles and hardens.[↩]

Translator’s Note:

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Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 10

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