Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Titan body is High Performance To make Titan’s body, I had Laeva begin with the refinement of the mithril ore while I worked out the details in the design. Once I finish drawing the design, I’ll begin refining the mithril and adamantite too. 「Fuu~~ To think refining mithril ore uses this much magic … Read more Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 85

Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? 84


So, I forgot to say this in the last update. In case you guys wanna read / browse the art / characters of the manga version of this novel, chapters 1-3, 7-14 are free only until 2020.01.22 10:00 JST. I won’t be translating any part of it though. You can read it here. If you like it and are able to, please do support the author. It’s thanks to him that we can have this story, after all. ^^ Without further ado, enjoy the chapter!

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Pondering over Titan’s body Taking mini Titan back to Volton, I analyzed its core and my thoughts on it are two words. 「Mhmm. Absolutely impossible.」 Titan’s core is a softball sized magic crystal compactly drawn with layered type magic circle. I was able to analyze a part of it, but understanding its entirety … Read more Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 84

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Stone Golem We’re in a desolate place covered in rocks. 「So there really are stray golems.」 「It is said that they escape from dungeons.」 「So, to defeat them we must aim for the cores, right?」 「Yes, it is similar to the magic core of Living Armors. The destruction of the core equals the … Read more Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 83

Greatest Alchemist? Idle Talk 4

The Cornered Empire Approximately two years before the Divine Empire of Sydnia did the hero summoning, Purifier MDs started circulating the market at Valkyra Kingdom. That trend started spreading and has circulated to many countries in the continent apart from Triaria Kingdom who does not actively trade with Valkyra Kingdom. For the Light God Churchーー … Read more Greatest Alchemist? Idle Talk 4

Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 81


So got a few things to say today.

So, apparently, I’ve made a wrong translation of アルケニー (read: Arukeni) to Arachne (アラクネ, read: Arakune). In Japan, there seems to be a distinction between them, but no matter how much I looked it up, I can’t find anything aside from it being from a few games (Specifically Digimon [Arukenimon / Archnemon, whose lore comes from the Greek’s “Queen of Spiders, and even links to Arachne wiki] and Megaten [Arukeni, no lore.]). Granted, the author might have played those games. So now I’m slightly conflicted about changing it or not. I’m just informing everyone for when I do change Arachne to Arukeni / Archene / or something (still figuring out a fitting spelling for it). Though it’s gonna be a pain in the bum to look for all the times I’ve used Arachne already lol.
The site will be tinkered with a liiitle bit, so you might find some changes lol

I’m still sick.
New chapter is up so go enjoy yourselves 🙂

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