Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Uncontrollable? Having completed the mithril alloys, I immediately got to work making Sophia and Maria’s armors. I partitioned the necessary amounts. With the armor Sophia had been using until now as reference, I charged the mithril alloy with magic power and shaped it, and there was a remarkable difference in how much magic … Read moreGreatest Alchemist? Chapter 53

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Equipment Enhancement With the completion of the adamantite alloy spear, we decided to remake our armors. 「Since I want to strengthen our armor now as well, if you have some requests, I’d like it if you don’t hold back and tell me.」 When I said so, Sophia and Maria pondered over it. Right … Read moreGreatest Alchemist? Chapter 52

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Magic Metal Refinement On the second day after returning to Volton, since Doganbo-san was being really annoying and telling me to come first thing in the morning, I reluctantly went to Doganbo-san’s workshop in the morning. 「Too slow!」 「Eeh~~! I arrived first thing in the morning, didn’t I?!」 The first thing he says … Read moreGreatest Alchemist? Chapter 50

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Being Pampered Having been confronted with a thieves’ attack, which in a sense is a royal road template, the (mental) damage I received from killing a person for the first time was not as big as I thought it would be, rather, it shocked me. It’s not that I’m completely composed after having … Read moreGreatest Alchemist? Chapter 49

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 48

Chapter 48: When templates are forgotten We were able to secure the needed amount for both mithril ore and adamantite ore, and a bit more. So, we decided to stay one night then head back to Volton. 「With this, I’ll be D rank.」 As I listened to the sound of the carriage wheels clatter, I … Read moreGreatest Alchemist? Chapter 48

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