Stepmother Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Forgotten Things

Ricardo eventually gave an summarized explanation, proving Ellen’s innocence, but Yuri cried too much that his mood got worse, ending up being completely exhausted, and had to be carried in the arms of a palace guard.

「Ellen, having said you are at fault is inexcusable. It was not my intention to say you are at fault. However, should I say that you were still a lot for Yuri to shoulder, or rather he lacks practice, at any rate, I’m sorry for making you feel bad. 」

The Queen crouched down to match Ellen’s eye level and apologized.

「No no, ( ´ゝ’) He cried so suddenly, so I was a bit surprised but it’s okay. ( ´ゝ’)」

Ellen easily accepted the Queen’s apology, but more than that, she was concerned that it should be better for Yuri to be put to bed.

The face of the exhausted Yuri is flushed.

「You’re right. But that might be because he’s developing a fever. Thank you for your concern, Ellen. 」

The Queen stroked the hair of the exhausted Yuri who was in the arms of the palace guard as she talked.

「Really. For even Hahaue to have been flustered to such an extent. Today showed me a variety of rare thing and has been worthwhile. 」

Towards Ricardo who said such with another shady smile,

「Ricardo! What happened to your swordsmanship training?! You will receive a strict scolding later! Prepare yourself!」

The Queen who had first been accompanying Yuri to his room came back to say that.

Ricardo, not learning his lesson, smirked at Ellen while waving, and returned to his room together with Yuri and the palace guard.

The Queen turned to Will and Ellen.

「Will, I will contact you at another time regarding the school for commoners. Ellen, thank you for keeping Yuri company today. 」

The Queen gently stroked Ellen’s head and said she was sorry but she still had to leave because she still had official business remaining.

Sooo. Prince Yuri still really does have a lot on his shoulders. ( ´_ゝ`)」

Will scratched his head and mumbled.

「Ellen, we are leaving the Capital tomorrow afternoon so let’s go back to our room and pack for now, shall we. ( ´_ゝ`)」

His body stiffening from the meeting, Will stretched his arms and said so carefreely.

「Yeah! Ah. I need to bring the snacks from the tea party! ( ´_ゝ`)!」

Having gotten permission from Yuri, Ellen asked an attendant to pack up the remaining snacks.

Although the attendant was bewildered, she said that the snacks would be packed up and later be brought to Ellen’s room.

With this, the servants would be able to eat the royal palace’s delicious sweets as well.』

Ellen was pleased with herself.

「Ellen, you haven’t forgotten anything?」

In response to Will who was making sure, Ellen tilted her head and thought for a moment and remembered a serious matter.

「Ah! I forgot to go hide and seek with Yuri! ( ´_ゝ`)!」

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  1. And after about 10 short chapters (or a lot more), hide and seek session is cancelled, poor Ellen. Them annoying royals, just play a little with the loli. That actually came out wrong.
    Thanks for the second chapter today! Take care!


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