Stepmother Chapter 65

Chapter 65: False Accusation and Wailing

In front of the wailing Yuri was Ellen who was unusually flustered and Ricardo who was just smirking.

「Yuri!? What in the world happened to you!? Ricardo!? Why are you here!?」

The Queen and Will, who had come back after finishing their meeting, returned to the tea party that turned chaotic.

The Queen who was rarely flustered did not try to hide it as she exclaimed loudly, rushed to Yuri, and holding him close to make sure he was alright.

「Are you alright!? Are you hurt somewhere!?」

The Queen pat down Yuri’s body to check.

「Hahaue, Hahaue, it is alright. Yuri isn’t hurt anywhere. He doesn’t have any injuries either. Well, a bit, mentally?」

Ricardo smirked as he talked to the Queen.

「Mentally!? Was letting Yuri meet Ellen bad after all!?」

The Queen was unusually in chaos.

That visage was not of a Queen desperately struggling as royalty, it was simply one of a mother.

「Ellen didn’t do anything though!?!? ( ´_ゝ`) !?!? 」

Ellen asserted her innocence.

「Ahahaha (°▽°)
I more or less said that I will not take responsibility for what happens after the fortification around his heart collapsed. (°▽°) 」

Will insisted on not taking responsibility.

「Babawe, E, Ellen idn’d bad. Bue, higgu, higgu, 」

Yuri stuck up for Ellen while crying.

「The bad one is m, me, higguhiggu, 」

Yuri wiped his tears with both his arms as he once again wailed loudly.

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1 thought on “Stepmother Chapter 65”

  1. Oh, this little prince is quite adorable, even under crying condition he is still defending his girl.
    Thanks for the first chapter! God bless you!


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