Stepmother Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Miscalculation

In the end, Ellen who was told by Will,

「As expected, it would be impossible for the current Prince Yuri to go hide and seek.」

tearfully gave up on hide and seek.

Returning to their room, Ellen thought.

『Today was no good but there’s still tomorrow.( ´_ゝ`)!』

There’s still a chance if Yuri’s fever would go down tomorrow.

Ellen thought so, but realized an important fact.

『Ah! I arrived in a dark green dress today so I can’t wear it tomorrow!』

Ellen searched for other clothes that would assimilate with the garden, but since Ellen wasn’t interested in clothes to begin with, she didn’t bring that many clothes, and so was unable to find clothes that would replace the dark green dress.

Ellen reflected on the many miscalculations she’s made today.

The servants of the Theodoare household who were worried over Ellen who was unusually down, pressed Will for answers to what had happened, but Will wasn’t aware of the finer details as well so he wasn’t helpful.

Will, who was hurled verbal abuse for not being helpful to the servants, retreated to the bedroom that was provided for him, and threw himself onto the bed and thought.

『Good grief. If His Highness Yuri and Ellen’s compatibility isn’t bad, I thought it would be good to have His Highness Yuri become Ellen’s husband when he becomes a subject of the state, but wouldn’t that be impossible in this situation?』

Given that Will didn’t want a second marriage, he is racking his brain regarding the issue of a successor for the Theodoare household.

The norm would be to have Ellen’s husband succeed, but Ellen has that personality.

Therefore a husband would be considerably difficult.

And he wanted Ellen to have as much freedom as possible.

Yuri is the second prince so it wouldn’t be difficult for him to be a subject of the state, and the Theodoare household is originally a branch of the royal family,

Their history is old, and it’s not as if their family statuses are unsuitable, so having heard about Yuri’s personality from Diana, he thought that rather than living with trickery in the royal palace, being the carefree feudal lord of the Theodoare territory wouldn’t be so bad.

Above all, Yuri’s mother, Diana, has a good understanding of Ellen, so Will had planned to casually say “What do you think of Yuri being Ellen’s husband?” but it was fairly difficult with the situation today.

Aside from that, there is also adoption, however, he didn’t want to adopt a child from his relatives, and if he were to adopt a child completely unrelated, then their relatives would not shut up about it.

Will doesn’t look like he has any problems, but even though things may appear this way, he does have problems just like any other.

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Sphy’s Note:

And so, we are done with the second arc. Thank you for reading! I hope you all enjoyed this arc. I will now go back to my other project, Greatest Alchemist. I’ll only translate chapters for Ellen when I need a refresher, so next updates might take a while again.

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  1. Poor Will, getting all kinds of problems from everywhere.
    Thanks for the third chapter today! Have a great day!

    • This is so funny! I love it haha. Finished this series in a few hours😂

      Thank you for translating this web novel!


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