Stepmother Chapter 62

Chapter 62: To Struggle

「That is my answer. Ellen-jou, it is not that 『Royalty is important』, but rather royalty 『Must to be important』 , needing to put in effort and struggle desperately.

That is why I believe being born to the royal family isn’t the only way to make one royalty.
Mother was not originally born into royalty, she is the Queen by marrying father, and she became royalty, but she struggles desperately everyday.
I observed that form everyday, and assessed is as such.

Yuri, I am aware that you have closed yourself off recently.
There was a time when I too had similar worries.
At that time, I thought that no matter what anyone said, I ultimately need to excel by myself and I observed myself quietly.
Even now, I still think I need to excel by myself.

But you know, Yuri, no matter what you think, you are born into royalty as the second prince.
The food you have eaten up until now, the clothes you’ve worn up until now, everything that you’ve used to live until now come from the tax collected from the citizens.
Even if it was something you didn’t wish for, that fact will not change.
I don’t know what kind of answer you’d come up with to what you’re worrying about, but this is the only thing you must not forget. 」

Ricardo said so with a calm mood, but his tone was serious.

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  1. Thanks for the release! By the way, the chapter order is wrong in NU. Not sure how it can be fixed, but I’ll leave this comment, just in case. God bless you!


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