Stepmother Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Answer

It’s become a little lengthy, but to explain it as easily as possible, Ricardo informed them, and slowly started talking.

「『Why is Royalty so important』?

For me, I believe Royalty is not 『Important』, but 『Must to be Important』.
In my history lesson, I learned of the origin of our country, the achievements of our ancestors, of course I also learned about other countries but, put simply, when people gather, making various decisions is a must. That being the case, if there wasn’t 『Someone』 standing at the top, it would cause a variety of troubles. That’s because if everyone were of the same standing, it would be very difficult to decide on matters. Therefore, making 『Someone』 important, having him stand above everyone else, making it so that everyone must to follow that 『Someone』, is convenient. It just so happens that that 『Someone』 was my ancestor. Put simply, that’s all it is, is what I think.

『Royalty is important』

The citizens and nobles all think that it is the norm, but it is by no means the norm.
Mutiny and a revolution would occur if the citizens and nobles doubt that 『Royalty is important』.

That is why I believe that in order for Royalty to not be doubted of 『Royalty being important』 by anyone, they must constantly make great efforts. 」

With a serious expression, Ricardo said that much in one breath, and in a way as if to jest that it was 「An answer that would warrant him a good scolding from his history lesson teacher.」, he smiled.

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Translator’s Note:

Hello and thanks for reading! Sorry  for the lack of activity on this novel, I had been too focused on my other project, Greatest Alchemist, and RL. I’ve just finished volume 1 on that and decided that I should finish the second arc of Stepmother, which I had been putting off for quite a while now. Be ready, Ellen is coming your way!

2 thoughts on “Stepmother Chapter 61”

  1. More chapters of this? Yes please, me gusta 😀
    Finally we got an answer, and it has the length of a chapter, lol. While I do like the answer, it’s like a good cake, coming after twenty tries. Not to mention, poor Ellen just can’t get the time to play hide and seek. Even I forgot that was her original objective.
    Thanks for the third chapter! May God bless you, stay healthy, and rest well!


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