Stepmother Chapter 63

Chapter 63: The Waiting People


Yuri said nothing after he finished listening to Ricardo talk.

He thought he needs to say something but no words came out.

Although he definitely listened to the answer earnestly, the impact of it was too strong that his mind started drifting away, unable to think of anything.

Yuri once again fell into a state of blankness.

「Yuri, Yuri, heeey. This is no good. He stopped thinking again. Haa. This fragility of his is really concerning. 」

Waving his hand before Yuri’s eyes and seeing no response from Yuri, Ricardo sighed heavily.

「Oniisan, thank you for replying earnestly to the question. It was very informative. It really was a good that I asked royalty about matters regarding royalty. Also, Oniisan, I think that rather than being delicate, Yuri who seriously interprets every single thing, seriously thinks every single thing, is a tedious, hesitatingly bothersome, softhearted person who just worries about people. ( ´_ゝ`)」

But that isn’t a bad thing, says Ellen as she leisurely drank tea.

「Ellen-jou, I don’t know if you are praising Yuri or badmouthing him but, for the time being, thank you. Would you like to go hide and seek now?」

With a wry smile, Ricardo asked Ellen.

「Yuri is like this again and even if it doesn’t seem like he’s coming back, he will come back so it’s alright. I’ll wait leisurely until then. ( ´_ゝ`)」

Ellen said that then once again spread her arms on the table and her face to the side, looking at the garden as she began planning where she would hide later.

「Oh? You have much faith in Yuri. That’s right. It might take a while but he will definitely come back, won’t he. 」

Saying so, Ricardo gently watched over his troubled younger brother, who is still in a state of blankness, as he began to drink his now slightly cooled black tea.

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1 thought on “Stepmother Chapter 63”

  1. The shortness of these chapters is really something. The last was just a dialogue line all by itself, lol. Glad the little Ellen is awesome.
    Thanks for the translation! God bless you, take care!


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