Stepmother Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Lady

Ellen’s back instinctively shuddered at Ricardo’s wink, but given that she wanted to hear the answer to her question, she decided to first listen to Ricardo story.

「 It was 『Why is Royalty so important[1]?』 , wasn’t it. Though it certainly is disrespectful, it is an exceedingly profound, difficult question. When I was young, there was a time where I was very troubled by the responsibilities of being Royalty. I pondered over various matters at that time. There are still an assortment of it that I still ponder over till now, though. The answer that I would give out is by no means absolutely correct, but would that be fine?」

Ricardo said so to both Yuri and Ellen.

「There is no such thing as absolutely correct in this world. ( ´ゝ’)
There are as many answers as there are people. ( ´_ゝ’)
Even if I hear Oniisan’s answer, in the end, I will come up with my own answer so it’s okay. ( ´ゝ’)」

Ellen said so and smiled a little.

Just like a while ago, Yuri gave it some thought, then slowly nodded.

「…as expected of Ellen-jou. One wouldn’t think you are younger than Yuri. Are you not lying about your age?」

Trying to gloss over the fact that he was slightly impressed, Ricardo teased Ellen.

「Oniisan, is that not rude to say to a lady? ( ´_ゝ`)?」

Ellen puffed her cheeks and spoke disapprovingly.

「My apologies. Milady. Please find it in your vast heart to forgive this one. I shall take caution in my replies.」

Ricardo obediently apologized, bowing reverently.

『What lady?』

and thinking so in the secrecy of his head.

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  1. 偉い is actually a word that can mean many things that fit, I used important in this context but this also means great, remarkable, etc.[↩]

2 thoughts on “Stepmother Chapter 60”

  1. Boy, those chapters are so short. Also, it takes about 20 chapters for a question to be answered? Is this dragon ball Z?
    Thanks for the chapter 2! God bless you, good luck, and have fun!


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