Stepmother Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Quickly

Deciding to have a short decisive battle, Ellen wriggled while saying,

「Ufufu, Your Highness Ricardo, I thank you very for the precious time you have granted me on this occasion. Ufufu.

「No, geho, given that history lesson today finished earlier than planned, gehogeho, and that there is still, geho, time before training, be at ease. 」

Though Ricardo was still choked up, he somehow said so, smilingly.

「Much obliged. Ufufu. However, given that I must not take too much time off the busy Highness, I shall, without delay, convey my question. Ufufu.

Wriggling as Ellen said so, she thought,

『Why did that Daughter of the Baron wriggle pointlessly ?!!!( ´_ゝ)!!!This is gross!!!( ´_ゝ)!!!』

Ellen was venting her anger completely, yet she was quite driven up a wall.

「Ah, there was something you wished to ask of me. I hope that my answer would be sufficient. By all means, ask away?」

With his airway finally clear, Ricardo, who had recovered somewhat, smiled refreshingly as he uttered so.

「My, how delightful. Ufufu. Let us see. Ufufu. Frankly…」

Though she was apologetic for having summoned him, Ricardo apparently had plans after this, so she would quickly convey her question, quickly receive a reply, and quickly have him return for both their sakes.

For the sake of the servants in waiting at the premises as well, to answer the question 『Why is Royalty so important? Ufufu.』, Ellen was going to throw the bomb straight, however,

「W, wait a minute ! ! ! 」

Yuri, who’d slightly recovered him his wobbly state, miraculously prevented Ellen’s accidental detonation!

Incidentally, the servants in waiting at the premises were not waiting for the answer to the question, they only prayed that the Bomb Girl, Ellen, does not accidentally detonate at the Royal Capital.

Whether or not the prayers of the servants come true now hangs on the shoulders of Yuri who’s only slightly recovered him his wobbling.

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  1. Nice, thanks for coming back to this series. Hope we get more of this little girl’s killer lines.
    Thank you for the chapter!


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