Stepmother Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Free-for-All

Ricardo who seemed to have an advantage on the second half of the tea party was now at a disadvantage because of Ellen’s 『Apple pie』 attack.

Ellen believed she praised Ricardo earnestly, she simply likened him to her favorite 『Apple pie』 with no intent to go on the offensive.

Setting aside Ellen’s intentions, she who now seemed to have the advantage was laughing with an ufufu while thinking,

『This battle…… is super tiring ! ! ! ( ´_ゝ`) ! ! ! 』

The power consumption of the『Daughter of the Baron-like Ellen』 is quite high.

Originally, when an occasional noble guest visits, she always only greets then in a noble-like manner, and then she smiles and sits next to Will obediently, inserting proper interjections to show her understanding[1] as her father, Will, adequately entertains the guests. Even with Ellen’s occasional verbal slips, their excellent servants including Saya and Johan somehow manage to do do something, so 『Noble-like Ellen』 is accustomed to neither long talks, drawn-out matches, nor solo battles.

At present, without Will and the excellent servants, the sandwiches and apple pie that Ellen had, before the 『Kinda dangerous Prince』 came, became her flesh and blood and are now the only things somehow supporting her.

『 If I can’t get Ricardo-niisama to the answer to my question quickly and return at once, I’ll use up the energy for the hide and seek later. ( ´_ゝ`) 』

Ellen was being driven to a wall, but she has not given up on her wish for 『 Hide and seek with Yuri at the garden of the Royal Palace』.

Meanwhile, Yuri was still wobbling, and, at the back, his maids were agitated by this while they were restless as they were unable to do anything; Ricardo who unluckily had black tea enter his airway was still teary-eyed from choking, and his maids were agitated by this as they wiped Ricardo’s clothes and the table.

The second half of the tea party fell into a free-for-all [2] state.

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  1. This is Aizuchi. It’s when you’re listening to someone and give affirmation that you’re listening and that you understand what he is saying. Japanese tend to use “hai” “ee” “sou” “un” and many more.[↩]
  2. Free-for-all is a disorderly fight, argument, or competition in which everyone present participates.[↩]

Translator’s Note:

Thanks for reading! I noticed this a few chapters back, but I mix the japanese suffixes and english suffixes. Sorry about that. Some just fit sometimes and some don’t. I would usually prefer Japanese suffixes though. I might edit the past stuff when I have more free time. But for now, 3 chapters~ I literally just finished this just now so please do tell me if I’ve made a mistake somewhere. haven’t edited.

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