Stepmother Chapter 48

Chapter 48: The Forest Sprite and Apple Pie

「How do you do, Your Highness Ricardo. I am Ellen, the eldest daughter of the Earl Theodoare. It is an honor to meet you. 」

「My. This is our first time meeting, Ellen-jou. I am the First Prince, Ricardo. It is I who should say that it is an honor to meet you. Your dress is lovely. For a moment there, I thought a forest sprite had appeared. 」

Ufufu, ahaha, Ellen and Ricardo were laughing, but their eyes were not.

Yuri who was knocked out by Ellen during the first half of the tea party match, went past going round and round in circles and started wobbling at Ellen’s excessive transformation.

Standing in for Yuri who has already lost his fighting spirit, the second half of the tea party match called “Probing for Real intentions” between the 『Forest Sprite』 and 『Prince of Smiles』..or rather, the 『Explosive Girl』 and 『Scheming Prince』 has begun!

Ellen is fundamentally an honest person, and just like Yuri, her thoughts immediately show on her face.

Ellen thought that her 『Ge ( ´_ゝ`) 』 thought was not exposed to Ricardo, but it was.

It appears Ricardo has the advantage on the second half of the tea party.

「Your hair ornament is lovely as well. You resemble a sprite even more. Yuri having a tea party with such a lovely young woman is enviable. 」

Ricardo sat in between Ellen and Yuri, held the black tea a maid brewed in one hand in a refined manner, and smiled refreshingly as he said so.

Ufufu. Thank you very much. The clothes of Your Highness Ricardo look splendid as well. UIfufu. Let’s see, it is like a well-made apple pie and looks quite appetizing. 」

Ellen said so while ufufu-ing, laughing, and twisting and turning.


Ricardo unintentionally did a spit-take with his black tea.

This was the first time he’s ever done such an ill-mannered thing at a tea party.

『Apple pie!?』

At that moment, the feelings of everyone apart from Ellen was in unison.

Geho. Pardon me, umm, why yes, thank you, umm, geho, very much? 」

Still teary-eyed from choking, Ricardo said so smilingly despite having difficulty.

As his fencing training is under the coaching of the Knight Commander, clothes naturally get dirty, and injuries happen as well, so for the blood and dirt not to stand out during Ricardo’s training, he wears a reddish light brown training gear which is certainly similar to Ellen’s favorite dish, the apple pie.

Ellen’s mimicry of gestures and way of talking of the nobles she’s met thus far is passable, however, taking Ellen’s words into consideration, her disguise peels off quite easily.

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  1. Bufu – the sound of spit-taking. Geho – the sound of coughing.

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