Stepmother Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Prince of Smiles

Ellen meant that Ricardo did not resemble Yuri in the slightest when she thought 『This is different from what I had expected ( ´_ゝ`)』, whereas Ricardo who approached Yuri and Ellen’s tea party also thought 『This is different from what I had expected.』 .

He was expecting a blooming young woman, who was aiming for the Ricardo, surely using Yuri as a stepping stone, however, the one at Yuri’s tea party is a seemingly lively girl with somewhat troubling pitch black eyes[1], black curly hair that reaches up to her shoulders, a hair ornament in the shape of a white flower fastened on the back of her head, and is wearing a simple dark green dress, who seems younger than Yuri.

No matter how he looked at her, she was too young.

Incidentally, the basis for choosing the hair ornament was 『Whether or not it resembles the flowers in the garden of the Royal Palace』.

Ellen is quite fired up about hide and seek in the Royal Palace.

She was laughing as he drew nearer to the tea party and their eyes met, and she had a 『Ge[2] ( ´_ゝ`)』 expression as she looked away.

Almost all young women who see Ricardo’s smile normally blush, are spellbound as they stare at him, or have a glint in their eye as they look at their prey.

Ricardo is aware of his wickedness, and is confident in his acting abilities.

His mother and first younger sister seem to have slightly uncovered his wickedness, but it appears his second younger sister and Yuri haven’t yet.

In passing, he does not understand what his father, the King, is thinking.

Even in the academy, the people who are aware of Ricardo’s wickedness are scarce; He is called the 『Prince of Smiles』 in the academy; Ricardo is surrounded by plenty of followers, but only those who are aware of his wickedness are his future prospective aids.

The people who couldn’t perceive his degree of wickedness would not be able to compete with future scheming nobles.

Most of the ones that did perceive Ricardo’s wickedness noticed it, noticed it shortly after they started talking in an assembly.

The only person in the school’s entrance ceremony who had the same 『Ge ( ´_ゝ`)』expression Ellen made just now when their eyes met was the fourth son of a ducal household.

A while after they got along, he heard that the fourth son noticed Ricardo’s smile was suspicious at a glance.

The name of the fourth son is Leonardo, and he became one of Ricardo’s very few trusted friends.

Ellen had the same 『Ge ( ´_ゝ`) 』expression Leonardo had and then she looked away, and after thinking it over for a bit, then she suddenly altered her expression and started twisting and turning unnaturally.

Yuri and his maids who saw this looked baffled.

『Could it be that this girl noticed?』

The perceptive Ricardo thought so, suddenly becoming interested in the young woman he thought to treat noncommittally just a while ago.

His close friend, Leonardo, also had black hair and eyes, and had a slightly similar aura to Ellen.

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  1. 真っ黒なまあるい瞳 – unsure of this part since maarui was in hiragana instead of kanji so I couldn’t tell which one it was for certain.[↩]
  2. it’s an exclamation of either surprised disappointment, disgust, or worry.[↩]

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