Stepmother Chapter 46

Chapter 46 White-feathered Arrow


Ellen heard about Yuri’s brother so she thought someone resembling Yuri would come.

The time they’ve known each other was short but, to her, Yuri’s cycle of constantly solidifying, and fretting, hesitating, and tiresome thinking that immediately show on his face was fascinating to watch.

She did not receive permission from her father but she thought that if Ricardo was similar to Yuri, then by her own judgment, she would behave as 『Normal Ellen (Moderate) 』 towards Ricardo.

However, the Ricardo who made an appearance at the tea party with a refreshing smile was not similar to Yuri in the slightest, he was smiling but it did not reach his eyes, and his refreshingness as a whole is overly suspicious.

Ellen’s instincts immediately perceived Ricardo’s wickedness, telling her 『I better not get involved with this guy very much』.

Ellen obediently received her instinct’s warning.

Jill-obasan also always said that 『A man with a refreshing smile is not an decent guy』 .

Jill is Ellen’s deceased mother’s little sister, an acclaimed beautiful woman in the middle of marriage hunting and quite unlucky with men; frequently getting deceived by men, she readily comes to complain to Ellen and Will.

Will thought Jill’s complaints were troublesome, but since Ellen’s relationship with her was good, she patiently listened to Jill’s complaints.

Ellen. who became knowledgeable[1] thanks to Jill, was able to judge Ricardo as 『A not-so-decent guy whose refreshingness is so overly suspicious that I better not get involved with him very much』.

However, she was the one who called Ricardo over.

『Well, this is proving to be troublesome ( ´_ゝ`) 』Unusually, Ellen was unsettled.

Ellen extensive fraternizing spans all ages and genders but she is, surprisingly, very picky with regards to who she does.

People like Yuri whose thoughts show on their faces are okay, but she dislikes people people like Ricardo who are smiling yet their thoughts she could not understand.

She would rather not get involved with people she dislikes, but she was the one who called Ricardo who was currently taking a break so that he could answer her question.

There was no way she could not get involved with him.

Ellen thought that, for now, she should not be rude enough to be disliked by Ricardo.

Having a favorable impression of someone she dislikes is not that unfortunate.

With that reasoning, the holder of 『Noble-like Ellen』 ‘s No. 1 Person I don’t want to meet ever again award, the Daughter of the Baron, was Ellen’s white feathered arrow[2].

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  1. 耳年増 means a young woman with superficial knowledge regarding certain things.[↩]
  2. 白羽の矢 is a saying in Japan that basically means “Chosen as the sacrifice” in this context.[↩]

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Thank you for reading! Sorry, I’ve been busy and wording these past chapters were a bit more complicated so only 3 chapters. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed these~ With the chapters posted today, I’ve reached 50 translations (multiple projects) on my site! Thank you very much for reading and I hope you continue to do so in the future!

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