Stepmother Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Daughter of the Baron


By the way, this imitation of this Daughter of the Baron was not done in a day.

It was extremely annoying when the Daughter of the Baron clung onto Ellen but since Will and Ellen were pacifists, they dealt with her by running from place to place.

Since Ellen and Will kept running away, the Daughter of the Baron took out her frustrations on the servants of the Theodoare household.

Infuriated by this, Ellen finally repulsed the Daughter of the Baron.

But just repulsing her was not enough to sate Ellen, so the annoyed Ellen performed a comical imitation of the Daughter of the Baron in front of her servants, turning anger into laughter.

Upon seeing Ellen’s imitation of the Daughter of the Baron, even the head maid who always looked angry, Saya, was holding back her laughter as her lips trembled slightly.

For Ellen, all servants of the Theodoare household are family. She wants her family to laugh. That is why, even among several of her 『Noble-like Ellen』 imitations, due to Ellen imitating the Daughter of the Baron many times to make the servants laugh, her 『Daughter of the Baron-like Ellen』 was fairly well done.

However, there is a reason why she chose 『Daughter of the Baron-like Ellen』 among her 『Noble-like Ellen』 imitations to interact with Ricardo today.

The Daughter of the Baron who took out her frustrations on Ellen’s precious family had acquired Ellen’s 『No. 1 Person I don’t want meet ever again』 award.

Upon seeing Ricardo’s refreshing smile when he arrived at Yuri’s tea party, Ellen thought,

『This guy is a kinda dangerous guy ( ´_ゝ`) 』

Also, Ellen’s brain and mouth did not synchronize this time.


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