Stepmother Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Who are you?


「How do you do, your Highness Ricardo? I am Ellen, the eldest daughter of the Earl Theodoare. It is an honor to meet you. 」

Towards Ricardo who made an appearance at the tea party, Ellen pinched the hem of her dress and did a curtsy while gigging and smiling sweetly, then twist and turned while seemingly embarrassed.

『Who are you!!?』

The feelings of everyone, apart from Ricardo and his maids, were in unison.

The palace guards and Yuri’s maids that the Queen instructed were only supposed to watch over Yuri from a distance but having felt that Yuri’s state was abnormal, they gradually drew closer and strained their ears so they heard Yuri and Ellen’s exchange halfway through.

Because of Ellen’s excessive barrage, Yuri’s maids became worried for Yuri, they violated the original order for them to not act, and went so far as to ask Ricardo for his help.

「My. This is our first time meeting. Ellen-jou. I am the First Prince, Ricardo. It is I who should say that it is an honor to meet you. Your dress is lovely. For a moment there, I thought a forest sprite had appeared. 」

Ricardo said so with a refreshing smile, kneeled in front of Ellen, took her hand, and kissed the back of it.

Through Ricardo, the 『Dress for assimilating with the garden』 evolved into a『Dress of a forest sprite』.

「Oh, my. For you to praise me like that. Ufufu. I am becoming embarrassed. 」

In an embarrassed manner, Ellen laughed with an “Ufufu”, held the hand Ricardo didn’t hold onto her cheek, and squirmed her body.

『Seriously, who are you!!!?!』

Once again, the feelings of Yuri, his maids, and the palace guards were in unison.

Since Ellen didn’t understand what it means to be 『Noble-like』 very much, her 『Noble-like Ellen』 is what she’s mimicked from observing nobles up until now.

Incidentally, the one Ellen is mimicking right now is a pigheaded relative from a while back. She was the Daughter of a Baron from somewhere, sent in aiming to be Will’s second wife.

Since Will still loves his first wife who’s passed away, he had no intention of having a second wife, so the futile efforts  of the Daughter of the Baron eventually ended, yet with the aim to appeal as a person who likes children, she clung to Ellen excessively as she tried buttering up and cajoling her, which Ellen found extremely annoying.

However, the Daughter of the Baron is now useful as a reference for the 『Noble-like Ellen』.

You never know what will be useful in life.

Therefore, the answer to the 『Who are you!?』 question is 『Ellen’s imitation of the hard struggles of the Daughter of the Baron from somewhere who came to the Earl’s house and feigned friendliness excessively in order to become second wife.』.


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