Stepmother Chapter 43

Chapter 43 The Scheming Brother


If Yuri was an ambitious little brother aiming for the throne, then Ricardo was glad to make preparations behind the scenes to somehow yield the throne to Yuri.

However, Yuri is not an ambitious, and though he may be a bit complicated right now, he is fundamentally kind, timid and upfront unlike the two-faced Ricardo.

His timidness might have been taken after their father.

It disgusted him to think of Yuri becoming like that father of theirs.

If he can’t break away no matter how many times he tries, and if he gets too complicated, Yuri would become similar to their father, and since that would definitely be troublesome, so Ricardo thought that if there was anything he could do, he would do his best to helm him.

Having seen his mother’s hardships, Ricardo’s evaluation of his father was low.

His two younger sisters resemble their mother, the Queen, and since they were wise by nature, they would succeed in their political marriages.

However, Yuri would be of no use in politics or as a close aid with how he is right now.

Yuri believes that Ricardo is a flawless and kind older brother but Ricardo is quite the schemer.

While Ricardo was thinking that,

「As there is still some time before fencing training, I can not decline Yuri and the young lady’s request, now can I? Where is Yuri right now?」

With a refreshing smile, Ricardo asked his maid.

His maid answered that Yuri and the young lady were having a tea party at the southern garden.

「I see. That’s perfect. The southern garden is on the way to the training field, therefore I will make an appearance at the tea party.」

After the smiling Ricardo told his maid that, she immediately relayed the information to the Yuri’s maid.

Yuri’s maid did nothing but jump up and down in delight.

Finding that situation suspicious, Ricardo asked Yuri’s maid if there was something going on.

Although the maid hesitated, she said that since Yuri looked troubled, she wanted to ask Ricardo to help him.

The maid who heard that Yuri was troubled did not say in detail whether the young lady was concerned.

「Fumu, In any case, could you tell Yuri that I’ll be showing up at the tea party?」

Since the maid who was put on the spot was pitiful, Ricardo said that to Yuri’s maid with a smile, she then bowed to Ricardo before leaving with a spring in her step.

In the end, he couldn’t figure out what was troubling Yuri but it might be that the girl was using Yuri as a stepping stone to get closer to Ricardo, is what Ricardo thought.

Since Ricardo still doesn’t have a fiancée, there were plenty of young ladies that were aiming for him.

Ricardo who’s seen the Queen’s hardships had no idea why young ladies want to marry him to become the queen.

『Well, I’ll deal with it appropriately. 』

Ricardo thought so, imagining Yuri troubled as he gets involved with a carnivorous young lady while leaving his room to prepare to head to the training field.


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Translator’s Note:

Thanks for reading~ Sorry I couldn’t post last week. >w< I was too busy setting up the site and irl. The site went down for a few minutes just now too. Yikes. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this batch~

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  1. … That’s a fascinating thing to turn to as a first guess…
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