Stepmother Chapter 42

Chapter 42 The First Prince


Meanwhile, having finished his history lesson earlier than planned, Ricardo, who was resting in his room until his next class which was fencing practice, heard from his maid that Yuri and the Queen’s honorable friend’s daughter wanted to ask Ricardo something but said that they couldn’t meet. With a refreshing smile, he then said to his maid,

「Hee. It’s rare for Yuri to want to meet me. 」

Ricardo was aware that Yuri has been quite complicated recently, shutting out their family from his heart and was cooped up in his room, but since Ricardo had also suffered as a child, having a hard time with the heavy responsibilities as the crown prince, he thought that this was not something he could break out of by being told something by someone else so, it might seem cold but he decided to just watch over him.

Ricardo thought that Yuri was jealous of him, but Ricardo was quite jealous of Yuri.

Being the second prince was more easygoing compared to being the first prince.

It was enviable how the second prince has power but none of the responsibilities.

There was almost nothing good about being the first prince.

He obviously had to be good at his studies and fencing, and since he would surely have a political marriage in the future, he wouldn’t be able to marry the woman he loves.

He would have to meet and smile while investigating the real intentions of foreign countries and scheming nobles, and he has an entourage but there are only so few friends he could trust.

It had been decided that in the future, he would be crowned as the king, but looking at his father, he didn’t want to become to become the king at all.

Nevertheless, being well aware of his mother, the Queen’s hardships, Ricardo resolved himself to become a splendid First Prince, as well as become a worthy King to help his mother.

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