Stepmother Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Noble-like

「Then until your brother comes, it’s fine to wait here right? ( ´ゝ`)
Really. Despite being on break, for him to come here especially, Yuri’s older brother sure is kind. ( ´ゝ`)
Ah. Yuri, I asked a while ago but is it alright if I take home the remaining sweets? ( ´ゝ`) ?
It can be after your brother leaves though ( ´ゝ`)」

As one would expect, Ellen’s stomach was at its limits, and Yuri didn’t seem to want to eat since he was just frozen there, and his older brother, Ricardo who is apparently about to have fencing practice so he probably wouldn’t eat sweets either.

And then after Ricardo resolves Ellen’s question, she would play hide and seek with Yuri.

In other words, everything on this table right now would probably be left over.

Ellen said that she did her best at eating mainly the perishables but she still couldn’t eat all of it so she planned on bringing the ones that wouldn’t last long to their attendants waiting in the guest room while the ones that would last would be brought back with her to the Theodoare fief.

「I, I don’t mind but, E, Ellen, Ricardo-aniue is the first prince and become the king one day, and unlike me, he’s excellent at fencing and is strong, a, at any rate, he’s an amazing person.
That is why talking to Ricardo-aniue like you do with me is……」

For Ricardo and Ellen’s sakes, Yuri thought that it might be bad if Ellen behaved the way she does with him to Ricardo.

is what Yuri wanted to say.

「Ah. It’s fine, it’s fine ( ´ゝ`)
When oniisan comes, I plan on being the 『Noble-like Ellen』 ( ´ゝ`)」

Ellen had permission from her father to act as she was with Yuri, but since she didn’t have permission to act like that with his Ricardo-aniue. she planned on acting as the 『Noble-like Ellen』 with everyone but Yuri.

「N, noble-like?」

Yuri was once again confused but Ellen just said not to worry while waving her right hand around.


⟵-(•ˇ‿ˇ•)〉 | ᕙ(⇀‸↼)ᕗ | 〈(•ˇ‿ˇ•)-⟶

Translator’s Note:

Thanks for reading! As some of you might have noticed, people’s suffixes keep changing, mainly Ricardo right now.  The raws keep switching back and forth and I understand that sometimes it’s in one character’s POV to another but sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. I’ll try to keep them as minimal as possible though. Alrighty~ On to the next chapter!

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