Stepmother Chapter 40

Chapter 40 : Maids Are Attentive


「Eh!? I, I……」

Many people around Yuri had would arbitrarily say things like a prince should do this or he should try to be worthy of a prince

Yuri was constantly being told various things to manipulate him and there was almost no one who would hear what he had to say.

That was why he was perplexed when Ellen asked him for his opinion.


While Yuri’s mind went around in circles, Ellen patiently waited for his reply.

Given that Ellen’s maturing relationships were deepening, Ellen seemed to be experienced in that regard.

「U, umm, this might be impertinent of me but…」

Unable to keep watching Yuri look troubled, the maid who informed them of Ricardo’s schedule spoke up.

The maids who heard Yuri and Ellen’s conversation wanted to help Yuri so for his sake,

「It seems another maid went to the maid who attends His Highness Ricardo about how she heard that Your Highness Yuri and the Queen’s honorable friend’s daughter appear to want ask His Highness Ricardo but, in one way or another, couldn’t.
The maid who attends to His Highness Ricardo immediately checked with His Highness Ricardo.
His Highness Ricardo said that since the garden where your tea party is being held is on the way from his room to the fencing training grounds, he would take the opportunity to make an appearance at the tea party.」

「Really (°▽°) As expected, the maids of the Royal Palace sure are attentive. ( ´_ゝ`)」」

Ellen was in admiration as she said “good, good” And in spite of being confused, Yuri was relieved that Ricardo would listen to his request.

Immediately after his relief, was worry.

Until just a while ago he had no confidence in being Ellen’s opponent and thought of asking Ricardo for reinforcement but having received Ellen’s mental attacks, he was worried about what he should do if Ricardo also receives Ellen’s mental attacks just like he did.

Also, Ricardo is a gentle brother but Yuri was worried about what he would do in the unlikely event that Ellen makes a bombshell remark for Ricardo and he gets angry.


 ⟵-(•ˇ‿ˇ•)〉 | ᕙ(⇀‸↼)ᕗ | 〈(•ˇ‿ˇ•)-⟶

Translator’s Note: 

Thanks for reading~ The stuff that the maid said wasn’t actually in dialogue markings but I added them that way since it just doesn’t make sense or is awkward if I don’t do that. Anyways, onto the next chapter~ XD

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