Stepmother Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Values

Unless Yuri is very close with someone, he doesn’t call them by their given name, but he felt that among the various issues that have sprung forth, the issue of calling her by her given name was trivial.

Yuri was confused repeatedly.

「I, it doesn’t matter…」

With all the confusion, Yuri barely managed to say so.

「Ah, is that so ( ´ゝ`)
Then Yuri, Ellen thinks that rather than give up without having done anything, it would be better to try first but what does Yuri think? ( ´ゝ`)?」

Ellen dislikes people imposing their values onto her and being forced into something.

That is why, as much as she could, she tries not to impose her values nor force someone into something.

What she doesn’t want others to do unto her, she doesn’t do unto others.

Ellen lacks common sense in various ways but her ideal behavior is fairly straightforward.

She thought that if Yuri really didn’t want to go to where Ricardo is, then she would give up going to Ricardo’s room and just play hide-and-seek.


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