Stepmother Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Souvenirs


While Yuri was still frozen solid in confusion and lost in  thought, Ellen was at the table of confections and snacks, taking things that used things like fresh cream, and eating them because they’re the stuff that would spoil easily.

Just by looking, the amount isn’t something two children could eat, but because it would be wasteful to leave them behind, she thought to have the food that would probably keep for a while be wrapped up so she could take them back home with her.

Since her father told her that they would leave the Royal Capital tomorrow, the cookies and baked goods might keep till they reach the territory of Theodoare.

As she was thinking that it was good that she was able to procure souvenirs for everyone waiting at their estate, Yuri who was frozen just like a bronze statue in the garden, emerged from his thought alley into a slightly wider street, opened his mouth uneasily.

「I can’t be c, certain that he has free time but, Ri, Ricardo-aniue[1] might be able to give you an answer…… Aniue should be in the palace right now…」

Since Yuri is earnest at his core, he thought about Ellen’s request earnestly.

No matter how free he was, having Ellen meet the King was too risky.

Ricardo is the first prince, although he was busy with studies, fencing, and socializing, he wasn’t as busy as the Queen, and Ricardo can do anything flawlessly.

If it’s Ricardo, he might be able to handle Ellen skillfully.

Yuri felt inferior to Ricardo in various ways, however, since he felt inferior, that meant that he acknowledges Ricardo.

In a sense, it meant that Yuri’s reliability in Ricardo was deep.

Above all, given that Ellen was not an opponent Yuri could handle by himself, he wanted somebody to help, but the Queen was currently in a meeting, and Yuri knew that his two older sisters weren’t in the palace right now because they went to a different tea party.

Even though Yuri originally disliked Ricardo, there was no discord between them.

Just as Yuri was unilaterally being humble towards Ricardo, Ricardo was being amiable to Yuri.

Yuri was a bit shocked when realized that he was relying on Ricardo as his older brother.

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  1.  Aniue is a formal and very respectful way of saying older brother.[↩]

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