Stepmother Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Free time


「A r, royal that has free time…」

Yuri mulled over the words he’s never heard before in his life.

「That’s right (°▽°) A royal who has spare time (°▽°)
It’s best to ask a fruit seller what the most delicious fruit is so I thought it would be best to ask royalty about royalty things. (°▽°)
But because Diana obasama is busy, it would be hard for her to go along with children’s questions.
So, don’t you know any royalty that has spare time? ( ´_ゝ`)?」

「Fr, free time.」

Yuri repeated it once more.

When he thought of royalty who had free time, the person that comes to his mind was, unfortunately, his father, the King.

Since the King forced all his work onto his mother, the Queen, Yuri was well aware of just how much free time he had.

However, even if he was asked who amongst the royalty was free, there was no way he could answer that it was the King, and to ask the King why royalty is important, it would be no laughing matter even if Ellen was the Queen’s childhood friend’s daughter.

Even though Yuri himself was disrespected just a while ago, for some reason, he was now worried for Ellen.

Yuri is complicated in various ways but, at his center, he was a kind and good kid.


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