Stepmother Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Synchronize

「Yuri, this is Earl Theodoare of the Frontier and his daughter, Ellen. Ellen is a bit younger than you, Yuri. Ellen, Yuri is my son. Get along with him, okay?


Rather, please go easy on him…」

Only now did the Queen begin worrying that entrusting Yuri to Ellen might have been a considerably risky wager.

「Well, let’s leave the rest to the kids and get to work quickly (σ≧▽≦)σ 」

Whereas Will who was operating normally, said so nonchalantly, then brought the uneasy Queen along into the Royal Capital’s council room.

The Royal Palace garden had set tables for the plentiful confections and snacks prepared, but because the objective of today’s tea party is for Ellen to demolish the fortress around Yuri’s heart, the maids and palace guards have been kept at the minimum so after the maid prepared tea for the two, the palace guards and maids kept their distance and were in waiting.

The maids and palace guards were told by the Queen to let the two do as they please as much as possible.

Now Yuri and Ellen were the only ones at the table.

「Hello (°▽°) I’m Ellen (°▽°) Nice to meet you (°▽°)」」

Since Ellen was told that she didn’t have to act like a noble, she lightly greeted him with her usual manner and smile.


Yuri who appeared to be sulky, turned away.

Ellen thought,

7「What a tedious guy.[1] (°▽°)」

Ellen’s brain and mouth would occasionally synchronize.
That 「Occasionally」 occurred just now.
In other words, Ellen said what she thought unfiltered.


Yuri thought he misheard her at first.
Plenty of question marks floated on Yuri’s head.

「Oh crap (°▽°)  He’s too gloomy that I ended up saying it. (°▽°) Even if it’s the truth, the truth sometimes still hurts people, right? (°▽°) Sorry (°▽°) Sorry (°▽°)」

Ellen’s follow up was not a follow-up at all.
And then, in her own way, Ellen lightly apologized for possibly hurting Yuri’s feelings.

⟵-(•ˇ‿ˇ•)〉 | ᕙ(⇀‸↼)ᕗ〈(•ˇ‿ˇ•)-⟶


  1.  She said 辛気くさいやつ. やつ is an informal way of saying guy / dude / thing (very informal). I wrote 辛気くさい as tedious since it’s still a negative but if there’s another word that fits more, then please do comment.[↩]

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