Stepmother Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Reality

Yuri was confused.

Although Yuri is complicated in various ways, he still had as much common sense as others do.

To start with, Ellen’s wording was out of place in Yuri’s common sense, and so was Ellen’s remark.
Or more precisely, Ellen’s wording and her remark were simply not meant for royalty.

It was equivalent to lese majeste.

He thought that there was no way that she who was an Earl’s daughter, the daughter of the Queen’s friend, would make such a disrespectful remark even as a joke but the reality of the matter was that towards Yuri,

Tedious guy[1]

is what Ellen said.

And then there was that frivolous apology, 「Sorry sorry」 .

Yuri could not accept that reality.
Maybe he had just misheard her.
Although that possibility was exceedingly low, Yuri bet on that possibility.

「J, just now, tedious guy, well, though I don’t think it was that, I h-heard “tedious guy“, I misheard you, right? 」

Although Yuri was shaken, he glanced at Ellen and mumbled what he said.

「Nope, you didn’t hear wrong (°▽°)
I ended up saying it because you were too tedious (°▽°)
Because Ellen is an honest person (°▽°)
But Saya always says, (°▽°)
Even if it’s good to say the truth, there are times when it’s bad (°▽°)
And there are some things that should be said (°▽°)
Ellen-sama’s sword of truth is so sharp it could cut someone in two with a single stroke, she says. (°▽°)
Ah. Saya is the head maid of Ellen’s household, her face is scary but she is caring. (°▽°)
Due to various concerns, her grey hair had been increasing lately.
Her specialty is apple pie (°▽°)
This apple pie is also delicious but Saya’s apple pie is just as good. (°▽°)」

Ellen said so while stuffing her cheeks with apple pie from the table of confections.
It’s a mystery how the apple pie doesn’t fall from her mouth as she eats and speaks.

「Apple pie sure is hard to eat when it crumbles (°▽°)
But the farmers worked really hard to make the wheat flour and apples so I have to eat it without spilling any. (°▽°)
Or rather, we can’t eat all the snacks and sweets prepared but leaving it behind would be a waste, so can I take some home with me later?」

With the talk derailed completely, Ellen exceeds Yuri’s common sense.

⟵-(•ˇ‿ˇ•)〉 | ᕙ(⇀‸↼)ᕗ〈(•ˇ‿ˇ•)-⟶


  1. When Yuri repeats Ellen’s words, it’s written in katakana.[↩]

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