Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Idle Talk 5

Hey y’all~

Here we go with another Idle Talk~ What could it be about? I hope you enjoy the chapter~

Woah, that really surprised me xD Thank you very much to Kn-san, Df13-san, K.K-san, JG.I.-san, G.P.-san, Lo-san, T.Y.-san, Ff9-san, R.R.-san, SF-san, J.FX-san, M.P.-san for your support on Patreon and to Ff9-san for buying me a Ko-Fi! I really appreciate it! 

IGNORE the read chapter link. Click on TAKUMI.

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If you happen upon a chapter that comes across too short, then you are in the bot bait chapter. Please read my post properly or look at TOC so you will be lead to the REAL chapter.

Old bot distraction links will eventually disappear.l So, if you’re reading this far from when I had initially posted and see a lot of dead links, please just don’t mind them and just keep following the instructions. (r^^’) I don’t think I’ll come back to these to fix the links.

2 thoughts on “Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Idle Talk 5”

    • Ah, actually not all images are on patreon either. I only posted some pictures on patreon to explain if there was a difference in the story between WN and LN, such as the scenes that were later added like during the home invasion or titan’s test run. And these image explanations started even before I removed the images from the site.

      Some of my reasons for removing the images include: the images [and my translations] being stolen and reposted on other sites (can get in trouble for that), the images showing up on google search (which made me put the images on a passworded page), I was being accused of something for putting it behind a passworded page (and me getting offended), and more.

      I’m still willing to show all images to everyone but I don’t know where I can put them safely. So I hope to have your understanding on this.


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