Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? – Chapter IT5

Idle Talk: Distorting

It’s been half a year since their summoning to Mildgard. Akira, Yamato, and Akane have been growing favorably.

If compared to the average adventurers and knights in this world, that growth potential is likely eye-opening. In fact, Sydnia’s Pope Warvaal, as well as the officials of the Light God Faith were observing the summoned heroes with satisfaction.
In any case, the heroes are precious personnel that can’t be increased. The cause for why the summoning magic circle is unusable is still unknown.

「Akira-sama, where would you like to have a good time today?」
「Will you go outside? Or stay in your room again?」
「Let’s seeee, how about we go to town today?」

The two young men are being supplied with women. Ecstatic from the cajoling, Akira and Yamato are adeptly being recruited for a war of aggression given the name of Holy War.

「Aren’t you two even a little bit embarrassed?」

With cold eyes, Akane reproached Akira and Yamato.

「What’s this Akane, you want us to have sex with you too? It’s an OK anytime for me.」
「Yeah, if Akane asks then I’m okay doing it with her too.」

Smiling vulgarly, Akira and Yamato looked up and down Akane’s body as if they were licking her with their eyes.

「You guys are disgusting, I don’t want to talk to you anymore.」 From now on, unless it’s needed, don’t talk to me!」

Akane turned her back to them and left.

「Kukuku, Akane’s so touchy.」
「Hehehe, she’s probably on her period.」 (Can I punch them?? Please?!)

The two young men who were college students were methodically being fed unilateral information and easy women by Sydnia so the two had easily become the church’s yes-men. It would have been fine if it was just that, but they naturally accepted the concept of human supremacy, and although they were supposed to have been summoned to defeat the Demon Lord, they didn’t think to question the war of aggression called the Holy War against Valkyra kingdom and Lomaria kingdom.
Only Akane, who has been suspicious of Sydnia Empire and the Light God Church since the summoning, was looking for a chance to escape from this country.

Henceforth, it was decided that the three heroes would go on an expedition to the dungeon at the area bordering of Lomaria Kingdom and Triaria Kingdom. The plan was to train the three heroes thoroughly then, together with Triaria Kingdom, invade Lomaria Kingdom or Valkyra Kingdom.

「This is terrible, Norn-sama!」

In the divine realm, an angel came to Norn hurriedly.

「What is it? Panicking in such a way, compose yourself a little.」
「This is really terrible!
You are aware of the deity of the Light God Faith in Sydnia Empire and Triaria Kingdom, are you not?」
「The imaginary one they call Anat, right?」

Norn said that worshipping a nonexistent god is a common story in this world.

「It has been a target of worship for many years, and although it, as expected, did not gained divinity, it has become an evil spirit.」
「Hmmmm, if it’s just an evil spirit, then there shouldn’t be a problem?」

Saying so, Norn and the angel peered into the mortal world.

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