Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 70


So, as you all may have noticed, I haven’t been as active recently. I wasn’t expecting it to last this long but…well… more stuff have come up. Relatives in another country decided to surprise me with a visit, so I now have to attend to that too. And they’re staying for at least a week so I won’t have time (don’t get me wrong, I like my relatives). Sorry about this >w<‘

Anyways, I noticed that there were a LOT of people who did not read the instructions and just clicked the link last chapter. I suggest those people go back and read it again because the fake chapter has a lot of edited lines that are not at all accurate or has a bunch of lines missing. Instructions are not even complicated. Oh well, new chapter! Enjoy!

IGNORE this chapter link. Click on PICTURE.

Click >>> <<< picture

If you happen upon a chapter written incomprehensibly, then you are in the bot bait chapter. Please read my post properly or look at TOC so you will be lead to the REAL chapter.

Old bot distraction links will eventually disappear, not that they were ever interesting.. unless of course you like multilingual-machine-translated-turned-badly-comedic-old-English chapters, then I’m sorry xD lol So, if you’re reading this far from when I had initially posted and see a lot of dead links, please just don’t mind them and just keep following the instructions. (r^^’) I don’t think I’ll come back to these to fix the links.

3 thoughts on “Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 70”

  1. Yeah, some people just can’t take their time, so they end have having to spend more time, so their “economy” of time is terrible, then they blame others. Yeah, it’s the “Karen” of the internet.

    • They’re arriving tomorrow, and I was only told yesterday. >< Not exactly the at-your-door surprise visit but it’s still a bit too sudden lol. I’ll be sure to enjoy our time spent! ^^


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