Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Meeting the King

Around the time we finished breakfast, Papeck-san came to pick me up. Sophia and the girls saw me off and I got on Papeck-san’s carriage.

「Takumi-sama, we will join Lord Volton. Also, please rest assured that I will be accompanying you to support you.」
「……Thank you very much.」

Papeck-san will be coming to relieve my tenseness, but as we neared the white-walled royal castle that seemed to float on the lake, I wanted to run away in extreme nervousness.
To cross the bridge to the castle, the soldier confirmed our identities and other requirements. When we stated that we were here at the King’s behest, he immediately guided us to the place Lord Volton was waiting at.

「Oo, Iruma-dono, did you enjoy the royal capital?」
「Yes, we’re even staying at a high-class inn, so we were able to spend the time comfortably.」

In the place that looked like an extravagant conference room, we joined Margrave Volton.

「Margrave Volton-sama, I’ve completed the two carriages you requested.」
「Ooh, my thanks. I’ll present it after our meeting with the His Majesty so I’ll leave it to you.」
「Yes, I understand.」

After that, we talked about what I did these past few days and my purchase of an assistant slave.

「So you mean to say, the productivity of your workshop will increase more, Iruma-dono?」
「No, I was thinking I might be able to concentrate more on development.」
「Even so, you might produce new products. It is welcoming to the Volton domain.」

As we were talking about that, there was an announcement, and a man with a splendid white beard in his 50’s at the head, followed by a slender scholarly man of the same age and escorted by three knights in full armor entered the room.
Since Margrave Volton and Papeck-san stood up, I hurriedly stood up and bowed.

「It’s fine, it’s fine. I called you specially to come to the royal capital. It’s not a formal audience, be at ease.」

The King prompted us to sit after he sat down himself, so we took our seats.

「I shall give my name. My name is Lobos Valkyra. The King who governs this country. Next to me is the prime minister of our country, Simon von Portfort. Opposite him is Galahad von Bauer, who is in charge of the Knight order of this country.」
「I am Simon von Portford, the prime minister.」
「Imperial guard of the Knight order, Galahad.」

Flustered that I forgot my introductions before, I hurriedly stood up and introduced myself.

「I am the alchemist, Takumi Iruma.」
「It’s fine, it’s fine, let’s put aside ranks today. Lord Volton, Papeck-dono, with the delivery of Purifier DMs, the royal capital can finally take a breather. My thanks.」
「No, Your Majesty, the improvement of the hygienic circumstances of the royal capital is urgent business. therefore it does not require your gratitude.」
「Yes, we are a business, so it is not a matter that should receive Your Majesty’s gratitude.」

After chatting for a little while with Margrave Volton and Papeck-san, the King faced me.

「I wish to thank Iruma-dono once more. Not just inside the castle, but the unpleasant smell has almost disappeared from even the royal capital. The princess is overjoyed, even the Queen has said that she must meet Iruma-dono, however I would like you to pardon that it is only us that are here in this meeting.」

I was perplexed, not understanding the meaning of the King’s “I would like you to pardon”.

「Your Majesty, that way of speaking does not transmit to Iruma-dono. Iruma-dono, the meritorious deeds you have accomplished is an achievement that ought to be given not only a reward but also an appointment of peerage. However, for the sake of protecting Iruma-dono from the Divine Empire of Sydnia, we must limit it to a private meeting to thank you this time.」
「Thank you very much. I understand that I am receiving the protection of the Valkyra Kingdom. I can only thank you for doing everything you can so that I would not bear the full brunt of it.」

Hearing my words, Simon-sama nodded.

「Receiving those words relieves me. However, while that may be true, it can’t be nothing. We would like to give you a reward from the treasury, it might be trifling but I would like you to accept it.」
「Ha, thank you very much.」

Afterwards, our conversation included the discussion regarding the Divine Empire of Sydnia, and talks of exporting the Purifier DM to the ally country Lomaria Kingdom and to the trading country Samandour Kngdom with Papeck-san.

「Your Majesty, we have prepared to present a specially-made carriage manufactured by Iruma-dono.」
「Hou. Lord Volton, in what way is it special?」
「Ha, it was a carriage made by Iruma-dono and…………」

Margrave Volton talked fervently about just how amazing the performance of the carriage that I rode coming to the royal capital. The King’s eyes gradually sparkled, saying that he wants to see it, by all means.

「Well then Iruma-dono, there is a training grounds that the knights use that is wide enough for even cavalry training. Would that be all right?」
「Yes, that’s fine.」

Galahad-sama specified the location, and we all went to the knights training grounds. Maybe they thought that I needed time to prepare the carriage, but I didn’t say that I had the two carriages inside my Item Box.

「This is the training grounds.」
「Thank you very much.」

I thanked the knight that guided us, then the moment the knight left, I took out the two carriages.

For the time being, they might check the riding quality, so I let Tsubaki out of the Subspace and prepared to tie her to one of the carriages.

「There there, you’re such a good girl.」

Tsubaki, who wasn’t cared for since coming to the royal capital, acted like a spoiled child, licking my face, play-biting my hair, and calling out to me.

「Wha?! T-that’s a Drake Horse, isn’t it?!」

When I looked over my shoulder, the King was astonished, Galahad-sama was speechless, and Simon-sama was so surprised that his jaw was hanging open.

「Umm, this is the carriage we are presenting.」
「No, I am under the impression that that carriage is uncommon, but is that Dragon Horse Iruma-dono’s familiar?」

As expected, only the King had nerves of steel, he recovered quickly and inquired.

「Yes, she is called Tsubaki.」
「She is too big for a knight to ride, but if that Drake Horse pulled a carriage, it would be a staggering monster.」

The revived Galahad looked at Tsubaki from a distance. Tsubaki isn’t wearing her barding today, so I think her intensity isn’t that much though.

「For the time being, this carriage likely uses quality materials but is not ostentatious. It suits my liking, considerably so.」
「Your Majesty, how about evaluating this carriage after trying out its riding quality?」
「As you say, well then Iruma-dono, if you please.」

When Margrave Volton suggested to try out the its riding quality, everyone went inside the carriage.

「Wha-! What is this!?」
「My word!!」

I heard voices of surprise at the the enlarged space inside the carriage, but if it’s the tier of the royal family’s carriage, wouldn’t there be magic items like this?
I sat down on the coachman’s seat and called out to the inside of the carriage, and made Tsubaki start running.
After testing out the quality of the carriage for a while, the King and his retainers alighted from the carriage.

「Iruma-dono! How magnificent!」
「This is the first time I’ve had comfort like this inside a carriage.」
「The spaciousness of the interior, the riding quality, a carriage like this, there is none like it in this whole continent.」

As the King began praising the carriage, Margrave Volton, too, was elated.
Afterwards, when I explained the details of the carriage, all three individuals’ faces cramped.
Galahad-sama and Simon-sama said that I should tell them if ever I was in any trouble. Papeck-san said that he will place an order for two carriages when we come back to Volton.

And so, I have safely completed my affairs at the royal capital. I can finally return to Volton.

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  1. Ah, yes, the good ol’ common sense beating. And poor Tsubaki, she didn’t get to play enough after they got to the capital. I mean, she couldn’t kill enough monsters to evolve. But, here, Takumi should have made a magic tool for high level healing, just to further mess with those baddies in Sydnia.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! God bless you!

    • ReLimb™ , portable, cures any lost limbs, curses, ilness’ and wounds. Does not work on the dead(yet). Get yours today. Who needs Sydnia’s priests anyway, they suck ,overcharge and are not there when you fighting monsters.

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  3. Observation & Theory time! (I haven’t read past this chapter yet but feel free to skip this as though it were a spoiler, who knows how close my wild guess could get.)

    So there’s still approximately two years before the heroes get summoned and Takumi already has one kingdom in his back pocket, with tendrils threatening a second one and he’s already completely upset that summoning empire place.

    So the reason the goddess, Norn, couldn’t send him back to Japan was that her sending him back in time in Mildgard was what caused the hero summoning. Therefore, without him being there, the hero summoning wouldn’t happen… which in turn means that he’s “caught up” in it because his existence is vital to its occurrence. A standard time travel paradox (no idea which number is assigned to this particular paradox, in the big list of ’em, though).


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